Favorite Hot Cocoa and Eggs

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  One-fourth of your daily calories should be consumed first thing in the morning.  I have found that less than one-fourth of my students do not eat breakfast before they leave for school.   The number one reason given for not eating breakfast is – no time.  I say it is just poor planning.  Breakfast is so easy and quick to make!  Especially eggs!

How do we like our eggs?  Scrambled is the number one choice of most Americans, then hard-cooked , over-easy, over-medium and sunny-side up.  Here are some tips for making great eggs:

  • When scrambling eggs add 1 Tablespoon of water for each egg.  Beat with a fork until foamy. Heat a nonstick skillet over medium high heat, add butter  and egg mixture.
  • Push the eggs with a bent -edge spatula.  Eggs should be in large curds.  Don’t add pepper. It should be added at the table.  It makes the eggs look as if you dropped dirt in them.  If you just have to add pepper white pepper is a better choice.
  • For fried eggs heat a nonstick skillet over medium high heat add about tablespoon of butter.  Beak eggs one at a time into a custard cup and slide the egg into skillet.  Reduce heat to low and cook until desired doneness.
  • For a basic omelet prepare eggs as for scrambling.  It is best to make at least a two egg omelet.  Heat nonstick skillet over medium high heat.  Melt about tablespoon of butter.  Pour the eggs into the skillet.  Lower temperature to medium low.  Do not stir the eggs.  As the edges set run a spatula around edge of skillet and lift egg mixture to allow uncooked egg to flow to the bottom of the skillet. Cook until the mixture is set but the  top is still moist looking.  Add desired toppings. Fold in half and slide on to a plate.

Check it out here for cooking hard cooked eggs.

This all is well and good, but practice makes perfect.  In front of the class I can make it look so easy, but when the students actually get in the kitchen there are many things that factor in.  What is medium high heat?  Is this the correct size pan?  What does it look like when set around the edge?  So the first egg that is scrambled may be less than perfect, but next time it can be improved and by the time that a dozen eggs are cooked it will be perfect!  Just don’t give up.

In class last week each group could cook eggs of their choice.  Most cooked omelets and scrambled eggs.  Along with the eggs cheese toast and Favorite Hot Cocoa was served.  Not only were they graded on food preparation but also on timing.  Eggs could not be prepared too early and sitting around getting cold.  Cocoa had to be made first, then toast and last eggs so that all would be served hot.  I have found this to be very difficult for inexperienced cooks.

Here is a great recipe for Hot Cocoa that we made in class that lovers of Starbuck’s signature Hot Chocolate will find to be very close.

Favorite Hot Cocoa ( from Hershey’s) check out the photos also (mine were too poor to post)

  • 1/2 sugar
  • 1/4 cup Hershey’s cocoa
  • Dash salt
  • 1/3 cup of hot water ( I use hot tap water)
  • 4 cups of milk
  • 3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix sugar, cocoa and salt in saucepan:  stir in hot water.  Cook and stir over medium heat until mixture boil.  Boil and stir 2 minutes.

Stir in milk and heat.  DO NOT BOIL.  Remove from heat and enjoy!

Here  is the breakfast that we cooked up in class.  Some of them found that making an omelet was harder than they thought and theirs resulted in scrambled eggs, but the hit of the day was the Hot Cocoa.  At first they thought it was too much trouble to make when you could easily open a package, pour in hot water and stir.  After tasting this delicious drink they were sold,  You will be too.

1st Block Kitchen 1

1st Block Kitchen 2

1st Block Kitchen 4

1st Block Kitchen 5

1st Block Kitchen 6

2nd Block Kitchen 1

2nd Block Kitchen 2

2nd Block Kitchen 3

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63 responses to “Favorite Hot Cocoa and Eggs

  1. Haylee W

    I learned that putting salt in a recipe doesn’t mean the food will taste salty, but will bring out all the flavors.

  2. abby

    I learned that u dont add the salt and pepper until the end when you served it.

  3. Alexis A

    I learned that putting pepper on eggs before you get to the table makes your eggs look like you dropped them in dirt. I also learned that it is extremely hard to flip an omlett…:)

  4. Rachel S.

    I learned to pay more attention to directions and to be sure the ingredient you picked up is the right one!

  5. Chelsea

    I learned that when you’re cooking a breakfast cook the eggs last that way they will still be hot. They cook extremely fast and get cold even faster!

  6. Marianna M.

    I learned that cooking eggs isn’t as easy as it seems

  7. Brittany- 1st block.

    I learned that adding salt won’t make the food salty, it’ll bring out the flavor! (:

  8. anna 1st

    i learned that eggs do not take long to cook

  9. tommie 1st

    I learned that you can cooked eggs with water instead of milk.

  10. mike "da beast" neal

    hot cocoa with milk tastes just as good as cocoa with water!!

  11. danielle

    i learned that cooking eggs is really easy to do. you just have to wait til everything else that you fixed is almost done then you can fix the eggs. so they wont be cold

  12. Aaron

    I’ve learned that the eggs shouldn’t to brown on bottom side of the eggs.

  13. Kamryn- 1st

    Im not to crazy about eggs but they were good & so was the hot chocolate !

  14. chasity wilson

    this was an interesting meal and i learn to make hot cocoa and it was great

  15. Bethany 1st period

    I learned how to make an omelet and how to time it right 😀

  16. Tatiana G-1st

    At first i did not think eggs went well with cocoa but that was not true. Also i learn cooked eggs such as scamble do not have to be brown to be well cooked.

  17. amy w

    I learned ways of cooking eggs prettier, put pepper in before eating & also adding water/milk makes scrambled eggs fluffier!

  18. tania

    i learned that youre not suppose to let the cocoa boil when its heating.

  19. Tori Bowen

    Though I wasn’t here that day, I learned that you can add water instead of milk to scrambled eggs.

  20. Naomi

    I learned that you dont add the salt and pepper until you finish cooking the eggs.

  21. Andre

    cooks eggs last because the cool very quickly

  22. Tyler "Oscar de la hoya" burnett

    i learned to not add pepper until the eggs were finished otherwise it looks like dirt fell in your food. =)

  23. yvonne mcgregor

    this was a fun lab. i learned how to make all things of different eggs.

  24. Lexxi J

    Yumm. I learned that when making the omelet the egg must be spread across the pan enable for you to make the perfect shaped omelet.

  25. amber gillis

    i learned that there are many different ways to make eggs: fried, scrambled, omelet and poched

  26. erika

    i learned how to cook eggs a diff. wayy then i usually cook mine but… it was a great experience

  27. Sarah J.

    I learned that if you’re cooking more than eggs for breakfast then you need to cook the eggs last because they cook very fast.

  28. Levi Atkinson

    I have never prepared hot cocoa but i now know how to make and mix hot cocoa. My eggs were delicious, they did not burn they were bright golden. i know to mix my eggs with a wisk

  29. RadianceM

    I learned that breakfast is an important meal of the day!!!! (:

  30. kim s

    i learned to add water instead of milk to eggs when scrambling them

  31. Vaida R.

    I learned that making eggs with water in much easier and healthier than making eggs with milk. It also taste much better!

  32. cynthia i

    i learned that making eggs with spoons of water makes it moree healthier for you

  33. Sasha W.

    This hot cocoa recipe is delicious. A good suggestion in the winter would be to put marshmallows or whipped cream on top! I might try it this weekend for my brothers because they LOVE HOT COCOA! 🙂

  34. courtney e

    I always wanted toknow how to make hot coca from scratch and now i know how to do this and it taste so delicious too!!

  35. Callie C.

    I always thought you just made hot cocoa out of the packets

  36. finklestien

    kitchen 1 1st peroid

  37. I love reading all of the comments from your students. It must be great to know they are listening and learning great skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

  38. Levi

    Well the recipe was well cooked but i am not a fan of chocolate at all i despise chocolate , but The Hot Cocoa was well made

  39. Rebecca McConnell

    The recipe for hot chocolate is 100x’s better then the hot cocoa that comes in the packet . I will definatley make it like this from now on 🙂

  40. jessica n

    hot cocoa is better fresh than prepackaged.

  41. edwin warner

    I learned the importance of making a meal come together.

  42. the eggs was the best lab it didnt take much time at all and was delicious

  43. Alex

    Every time i’ve ever been offered eggs, i’ve always said “bluhh, i hate eggs”!! But when we did this lab I actually tried them and they were delicious! Its also a very quick and nutritious breakfast!

  44. Kaitlyn C

    The Home made Hot Chocolate was Amazing !! (:
    Packed doesnt even compare !

  45. natasha

    This was very good, i learned how to make eggs:)

  46. Viviana D.

    learned that you have to keep the hot cocoa hot always and i also learned that it doesnt take long for eggs to cook.

  47. kassie

    i liked this Recipe it showed me how to make better coco 🙂 and that this will be something i would make in the future for many winters to come

  48. sandrella cash-sims

    the homemade cocoa has way more flavor than the package one.

  49. Summer Bailey

    I learned that you have to stir the cocoa constantly to make sure the milk doesnt skim over.

  50. Jordan Griffin 2nd black

    I learned how to make an omelet and how to make homemade cocoa.

  51. Jasmine Jones

    I learned from this lab that you can mix in water or milk w/ the eggs to make it fluffier.

  52. Carmen G.

    i learned how to make some amazing hot cocoa!

  53. Katie Johnson

    this lab was not my favorite. even though it was 3 simple things we were cooking, it was very hectic. but everything turned out great! (:

  54. chelsea pirkle

    i learned that you should always cook eggs last so they will be hot when you are ready to serve them.

  55. Ashton K

    hot cocoa was very good and easy to make

  56. Brooke H

    I leanred how to flip the egg because i never have done that before and it was kind of easy. I love breakfast foods and now that i can cook eggs, i’ll make breakfast more often.

  57. Marty @nd period

    I learned differnet ways of cooking an egg besides scrambling

  58. brittany h. 2nd block

    I didn’y know that you don’t want your eggs brown on the bottom and that you make hot cocoa with pots like we did.

  59. Lindsey Harley

    I learned that the hot cocoa took more time to make than most but it also tastes much better

  60. charity

    i learned When scrambling eggs add 1 Tablespoon of water for each egg so they come out nice and fluffy!

  61. jessica v.

    i learned that when the yolk turns green in a boiled egg, that just means that you cooked it a little too much.

  62. kaylon hendrix

    I learned that when making the omelet the egg must be spread across the pan enable for you to make the perfect shaped omelet.

  63. Summer

    i have learned that when scrambling eggs you need to add 1 tablespoon for each egg

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