Cheese Biscuits and a Mission Accomplished – Vote Here

Today was our last lab for quick breads and  the students ended the unit with a bang!  All the biscuits that were made today were so good!  Biscuits are not the easiest bread to make especially for beginners.  At first you  are not quite sure how the dough should feel and how much to knead it.  And then there is always the question of how much flour to add to the dough to keep it from sticking to your hands.   I was very impressed when I talked with each group about what they learned.  Here are some of their comments

  • These are so easy to make.
  • They are better than the drop biscuits that we made from Bisquick.
  • We have all the ingredients at home.
  • Why would anyone buy those refrigerated things when you can make these?
  • You can make these really small , eat two and fool yourself into thinking you are eating more.
  • I had no idea that I could bake biscuits that tasted so good.
  • We can save money baking biscuits from scratch.
  • I want to make these for my mom.


So  my mission for this unit is accomplished and we are ready to move on. 

You will find the recipe for Basic Biscuits here and to make the Cheese Biscuits make the following changes:

I love using my food processor for grating cheese.  It is fast, you can grate a lot and then freeze it.  Saves you time later. 

For the Cheese Biscuits use 1 cup of Sharp Cheddar .  I packed it in the cup so mine were really cheesy!

 After cutting shortening into the flour stir the cheese into the flour and shortening. Then add 3/4 cup of milk.

Place dough on a floured surface and knead 2-3 times.  Press out dough to about 1 inch thick.

Cut biscuits out with a biscuit cutter and place into a lightly greased pan.  Bake at 500 degrees for 10 minutes.  Brush with melted butter and enjoy! Happy Baking,

Here is what my students accomplished today.  Vote for one.  (That’s going to be hard)

1st Block Kitchen 1

1st Block Kitchen 2

1st Block Kitchen 4

1st Block Kitchen 5

1st Block Kitchen 6

2nd Block Kitchen 1

2nd Block Kitchen 2

2nd Block Kitchen 3

2nd Block Kitchen 4

2nd Block Kitchen 5

2nd Block Kitchen 6



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45 responses to “Cheese Biscuits and a Mission Accomplished – Vote Here

  1. Eleanor

    2nd block kitchen 6

    The left them all together in the tray which not only helps to keep them moist but also gives the illusion that they are fresh from the oven and no one else has touched your scones!

  2. the more cheese, the better, i say! i LOVE cheese biscuits (they’re the only reason i ever go to red lobster) and all of these batches look so soft and fluffy. kitchen 5 block 2 gets my vote. 🙂

  3. Jocelyn

    1st Block Kitchen 5 – they look delicious and I like how they just put a few on the plate. Looks like a food magazine photo shoot. 🙂

  4. Rachel

    Kitchen #5, 1st period! (:

  5. alexis a

    This lab was so much fun! I loved the cheese biscuits and hope to try them at home some time.

  6. anna 1st block

    i love cheese biscuits:)

  7. Mike Neal

    definitely something i need to try.

  8. Brittany - 1st block.

    These are so yummy and were fun to make! (:

  9. Kamryn Storey

    mmm, these are so yummy.

  10. tommie 1st period

    These tasted really good. Those were fun to make. 🙂

  11. Rachel S.

    These were soooo delicious!! & a lot of fun to make!(:

  12. Tatiana G 1st period

    This must have been the best biscuits we EVER made. They came out so soft and delicious. I like this receipe, it is so quick and simple

  13. Tyrone

    the homemade chese biscuits look good and they tasted good when we made them

  14. Danielle Rogers

    These look so yummy!! I wish i was there to make them

  15. Bethany Bowlin

    They were so fun to make! and definitely delicious;)

  16. chasitywilson

    these were so good and i have made them at home and my family thinks so to.

  17. Chelsea

    I usually don’t eat biscuits, but your class really has changed that.

  18. shalynne

    wow that was so much fun making that,i am proud of my team.

  19. Marianna

    Our biscuits were so delicious wow I think I ate four.

  20. erika

    These were reallyy good and easy to make.

  21. Callie

    2nd block kitchen one!!
    They were so fun to cook!

  22. Renee

    This class does an amazing job…
    It must be a joy to teach!!
    2nd block kitchen 1

  23. heather

    The chesse biscuits we made in class were so good. They had great flavor.

  24. tania

    omg these tasted so delicious!

  25. Sarah J.

    1st Block Kitchen 6
    2nd Block Kitchen 3
    These were DELICIOUS 🙂

  26. Lexxi J

    I loved these so much, I just might go home and make them myself. 🙂

  27. Courtney E

    These were yummy in class!
    2nd block Kitchen 2!!!!

  28. vaida r.

    This lab was simple and fun! The biscuits were tasty!

  29. Jacob Ivey

    2nd block kitchen 4

  30. Tori Bowen

    2nd block Kitchen 4 (: they were so yummy!

  31. amy w

    These were delicious!

  32. Cnthia I

    Oh my goodness kitchen 2, 2nd period looks awesome! I’m so excited them came out looking wonderful! :))

  33. Radiance M

    I loved making these biscuits! They were on point and I am going to make them at home for my family one day! :*

  34. Lawrence

    I believe our Class did good make the cheese biscuits.

  35. Naomi

    These biscuits were easy to make and they were really good 🙂

  36. Chuck Norris

    My Beard likes them. I dont get calories or carbs they get me. chuck norris

  37. amber g

    your chesse biscuits look amazing i wish i was in class to enjoy your demo

  38. Aaron Vantrees

    those tasted great when we made them

  39. The biscuits look amazing!! Cheese is one of my favourite ingredients!!!!

  40. kim s

    these biscuits were easy to make and they taste really good

  41. Rachael Tenney

    I learned that it is better to use block cheese that you shred than already shredded cheese!

  42. Victoria Spitler

    I think these are the best biscuts I have ever made.

  43. Danielle Summers

    The biscuits were great. i love them. as soon as i made them at school i went home and made them for my family. i dont think we will ever eat already cooked biscuits again.

  44. jenny

    the biscuits were good but you can put less chese on the biscuits.

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