And The Winner Is……..

Our 1st Place Winner!

The recipe and all the interesting things that happened in our first lab of the semester is located on the previous post.

Here are the results of today’s bake-off.  Everyone did just great.  Vote for the one that you think deserves the top of this post.  Voting ends Sunday!  Good luck!

To vote go to the comments.  Remember that your e-mail address will not be shared.  It is just for my use to answer questions that you might have.  So here you go with today’s reults:

And a very close 2nd place winner!




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24 responses to “And The Winner Is……..

  1. chasitywilson

    i had so much fun makeing these .i think we did so good.

  2. kirkwilson

    these look awsome and good my sister did good

  3. jessiewilson

    i think these look the best!there group did good .

  4. Renee

    2nd block kitchen 3

  5. John

    2nd block kitchen 3

  6. Ashley

    2nd block kitchen 3

  7. Amanda

    2nd block kitchen 3

  8. Marianna Martin

    can we vote for our own, because I vote for kitchen 5.

  9. John

    kitchen 3 2nd block

  10. That was hard. I’ll go with 2nd Block Kitchen 6.
    But 1st Block Kitchen 1 was close behind with their extra cheese!

  11. Marge Paradis

    Go Chasity! Beautiful Biscuits!

  12. Mj Weiss

    I agree, everybody did just great, but those yummy biscuits from 1st Block, Kitchen 4 are my first choice.

  13. My vote is 2nd Block Kitchen 6.

  14. lynne

    1st period 4th kitchen

  15. micheal

    2nd period 5th kitchen

  16. micheal

    first peroid 4th kitchen

  17. lea

    2nd period kitchen 5

  18. lea

    1st peroid 4th kitchen

  19. sean

    2nd period 5th kitchen is the best

  20. sean

    1st peroid 4th kichen looks good!!!!!!

  21. james

    2nd period 5th kitchen is so good makes me want to make some

  22. james

    1st perod 4th kitch looks so good!!!!!!!

  23. Rachel S.

    these biscuits were soooo good!! i’m gonna have to make these sometime at home(:

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