Broccoli Casserole

Broccoli Casserole That Your Are Going To Love!!

Okay, broccoli is not a favorite of some people.  I like it!   I like it steamed, roasted, raw!   All the previous ways to cook broccoli are very healthy.  The Athlete  will not eat broccoli any of those ways.  I think it is because he ate too much of it as a toddler.  He loved it!  But now, NO!!  So this is his favorite way to eat Broccoli.  It is a seasonal dish for our family.  We might have this four times a year.  But don’t get me wrong it is good.

If you search the internet you are going to find hundreds of recipes for broccoli casserole.  I have tried many.  This is a winner.  On Monday I made this for my class.  The majority loved it.  I think that those that said they did not like it  did not taste it.   Anyway you try it and let me know what you think.

Need 1 1/2 cups of grated cheese

2 eggs slightly beaten

Broccoli cooked in box for 4 minutes!!!

Add 1 can of Mushroom Soup

Add 3/4 cup of mayonnaise

Beat 2 eggs

Mix together

You need about 20 Ritz crackers

Crush crackers in a ziplock bag

Add Sharp Cheese

Mix ,top with crackers and bake for 25 min.

Broccoli Casserole

  • 1 can of cream of mushroom soup
  • 3/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 1/2 cup sharp cheddar cheese
  • 2 eggs beaten
  • 2 10 oz. pkg. chopped broccoli
  • 16 Ritz crackers crushed

Cook broccoli in microwave for 4 minutes.  Butter casserole dish.  Mix together all ingredients except crackers.  Place in 1 1/2 qt. casserole dish.  Put Ritz crackers on top.  Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.


The Teacher Cooks



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154 responses to “Broccoli Casserole

  1. I like, but not love, broccoli! However your recipe might just change my mind! Nice photos too.

  2. Trevor Brazel

    The broccoli casserole seemed easy to make. The ingredients were readily available.

  3. brett

    i learned not to take it out and it eat it right away

  4. Jessica Noble

    I learned that this is another great recipe and tastes great too.

  5. evan

    This recipe was so good i couldnt remember how much cheese to put in it so i learned from ur recipe.

  6. Yesica Melchor

    If you asked me about making casseroles at the beginning of August, I would say that i have no clue on how to make such complicated meals. I just can’t believe how easy it is to prepare a 10 min dish!

  7. chanz L McGarity

    i learned about timing making this because u can’t always go by the recipe

  8. zuleima

    that rich broccoli casserole is delicious sight that is very easy to prepare

  9. Becca

    I’m sure this would be good for someone who likes broccoli. The fact that you can cook the broccoli right out of the box in the microwave is really cool!

  10. Jennifer Pham

    I did not know that you could not taste the broccoli or the mayo when you cooked that.

  11. Ashley Maryniak

    I learned that this is an easy way to cook broccoli in a dish. I never knew that using ritz crackers as a crust would taste so good either!

  12. i learned that one can of cream of mushroom soup is needed in something that has to do with brocoli.

  13. taylor a davis

    I learned during your demo that mayo goes into broccoli casserole and bread crumbs on top. it was very good.

  14. trevor brazel

    i have learned you can use ritz crackersto the dish to make it taste good, the broccoli casserole is verry easy to make.

  15. Ashley Kendrick

    I’m not really a big fan of broccoli casserole but after tasting this i’m starting to like it. It was really easy to make too.

  16. Ana

    I learned that in this recipe you can’t really taste the broccoli and i really liked eating it.

  17. tinnia adams

    that taste good.
    my aunty wants me to make that for her, she says she has never had it
    so i am really going to be lookin forward to that.

  18. Bella C.

    The broccoli casserole was AMAZING! and I usually do not eat broccoli!

  19. i learned that we have to cook the food on the right temp. and for the right amount it’s supposed to be cooked.

  20. kenny

    i didnt know that you can cook the broccoli while it still in the box

  21. Carly Hart

    I never knew that you could make the crust out of ritz crackers!

  22. uniqua dortch

    I learned that these simple ingredients can make a wonderful simple meal. This was so simple

  23. Elizabeth

    I didn’t know you needed so much mayo!

  24. ashley

    i learned how simple it actually was to make this, i thought it was hard before.

  25. Leslie Stewart

    I learned that you could use ritz crackers for the crust

  26. blakely

    this was good. i didnt know you could use ritz crackers fo rthe crust

  27. brooke

    I didn’t know you could use mayo in a casserol.

  28. imari

    i’ve that this is an unheathy dish to eat. but it taste really good.

  29. Brooke M

    The ritz cracker crust tasted great. That was a great idea.

  30. i never used frozen broccoli but it wasnt really bad you could hardly tell. i think fresh is always better

  31. i never used frozen broccoli but it wasnt really bad you could hardly tell. i think fresh is always better.

  32. shane davis

    this is another casserole i`ve learned from you that my grandmother would like to try and make

  33. Isata

    i learned that you need 20 cracker and that you need to crush them up in a plastic bag. and spread them over the pan .

  34. Hanna

    i didn’t know you used ritz crackers in this!

  35. Erin

    I never knew such much mayo was put into this! I’ve never seen anyone use ritz crackers as the crust either.

  36. Allie

    In class you mentioned how fattening this meal was, and I was a little surpised. Maybe when you incorporate vegetables into any recipe, it automatically becomes healthy in your mind!

  37. Parker

    I’ve never seen this cooked with crakers.

  38. Dakota Clayton

    I learned strange ingredients can get together to form a great dish.

  39. taylor r roddy

    this stuff was soooo goodd! i loved it. Im going to have to make this for my family.

  40. Savannah Cole

    i learned that you can cook the broccoli right out of the box which makes this recipe easy 🙂

  41. lesley baxley

    i think its really cool to put crackers on top for the crust, i learned this!!

  42. Chelsea M

    I learned you can cook broccoli from a box.

  43. Aaron V.

    Ritz crackers are great crust toppings

  44. Alexis A

    I learned that you can cook vegetables ahead of time. I didn’t know that a recipe would call for that; I thought you would just cook it all in the oven, but I now know it makes everything easier. This recipe seems really simple.

  45. Haylee W

    I learned that broccoli came out of a box. 🙂

  46. danielle

    i learned that veggies that are not that great can actually be very good!!

  47. Brittany - 1st period.

    I learned that you actually cook the broccoli in a microwave. Out of all the years my mom has cooked this dish, she’s always steamed it. That’s new for me, I might tell my mom do that next time 🙂

  48. anna 1st

    I learned you can use frozen boxed broccoli in a dish and it works just as well as fresh broccoli.

  49. Rachel S.

    I learned you can put Ritz crackers in a casserole.

  50. Tatiana G 1st period

    I think this recipe is creative. I never knew you use Ritz crackers and mushroom soup. I bet it taste good because I love broccoli

  51. tommie 1st

    I learned that you can cook broccoli in a microwave and that it comes in a box. 🙂

  52. chasitywilson

    i didnt know you could put mayonnaise in this and could make crust out of crackers

  53. Marianna

    I learned that broccoli casserole can be made with various ingredients that usually don’t mix.

  54. Bethany B. 1st

    I love brocoli and I learned to use ritz crackers to make the crunchy part of the casserol

  55. Abby T.

    I learned that crackers make a good crust.

  56. Tyrone

    i learned that broccoli use ingredient that would usually would not mix well together

  57. Levi Atkinson

    Broccoli is not one of my perrferred favorites;Ritz crackers is a good crust toppings

  58. Vaida R

    This is the first time I have ever heard of a broccili casserole, and it looks delicious!

  59. Lexxi J

    This does not look very tasty but I learned (because i have never seen this) that you can use Ritz crackers as a topping and I love Ritz crackers.

  60. Sarah J

    This looks Amazing, and i learned that there are hundreds of different ways to make broccoli casserole.

  61. tania

    i learned that making this can be so easy and healthy.

  62. courtney e

    i actually like broccoli … but i dont think i have ever made my casserole with mayo

  63. Naomi

    I learned you can cook broccoli in the microwave.

  64. amy w

    i learned that ritz crackers a good topping.

  65. yvonne mcgregor

    i love broccoil. i learned you can use chips or crackers for a topping in casserole.

  66. amy w

    i learned that ritz brand crackkers make a nice topping

  67. Tori B. 2nd

    My mom makes broccoli casserole a lot, but she adds rice and doesn’t use crackers, yours looks like the crackers would add a great texture!!

  68. RadianceM

    I didn’t know that you could use ritz crackers

  69. cynthia I

    I learned you have to butter the bottom of this casserole in order to not stick.

  70. kim s.

    i had no idea that you put mushroom soup and mayonnaise in broccoli casserole

  71. Tyler "Bernie Mac & cheese" Burnett

    Mrs. lupo,
    I sincerely apologize for not stating all that i learned on the other comments, therefore with this one i’d like to say that i learned that microwaving broccoli is actually good in some cases. =)

  72. Tori B. 2nd

    My mom makes this but she adds rice and doesn’t have crackers. Yours looks great, the crackers must add a greattt texture!

  73. Callie C.

    I learned about timing making this because u can’t always go by the recipe.

  74. amber gillis

    i never knew you could use mayo in broccoli casserole

  75. Kamryn 1st

    I learned you can use frozen broccoli just as well as fresh broccoli.

  76. bethanie1st

    i love broccoli casserole, it would have to be my favorite dish.

  77. Nicole

    I learned that mayo is used in this casserole even tho you can’t even taste it. Also that ritz crackers are good as a crust.

  78. Jessica Headen

    I had no idea you could cook so many things in the microwave.

  79. Heather

    I thought this was really good and i loved it. I learned that you can use broccoli out of a box.

  80. Kateca F

    I never knew it was safe to cook so many things in the microwave.

  81. taryn

    wow ! you can use mayo for this? but how can you if its going to be hot ?

  82. Ladd Morgan

    I learned the array of flavors from the broccoli, soup, cheese, mayo, and ritz mesh together to make a casserole that makes me weak at the knees!

  83. Kamron Munch

    I learned that a ritz cracker topping is not only very simple but delicious as well!

  84. Haley V.

    I thought that this dish was so amazingly delicious. I didn’t know that you could make ritz crackers as a crust on top of things! But that’s what made it even better!

  85. Mandi 1st

    I learned that the ritz crackers make a really good topping!

  86. KatyBurger

    We have broccoli casserole every year at Christmas and Thanksgiving and I have never thought to put crackers on top, but they were delicious!

  87. Rachel Carvalho

    I never knew before that you needed to put mayonnaise into a casserole.

  88. Kayla Daniels

    I like broccoli casserole is very good for your body and it tastes amazing.

  89. Megan w

    I had no idea that there would be so much mayonnaise. I didn’t know that would be used with a broccoli casserole.

  90. Kristin 1st

    i learned that you can put ritz crackers in a broccoli casserole.

  91. Daniel Vinson

    i didnt know mayo in broccoli casserole would taste good

  92. Adam

    I learned that you shouldn’t buy stuff that has more than 4 ingredients as it may have many preservatives that are bad for you.

  93. Kelsey Reid

    i learned ritz crackers make a good crust

  94. Denisse 2nd

    this was a super yummy broccoli casserole!!. i am not the biggets fan of casseroles and even though this one does not look all that apealing it has am amaizing taste!!. 🙂

  95. miya dixon 1st

    this was really good and simple to make

  96. Le'Keitha

    I never had this before but ir’s really good. Would it taste different if I added chicken?

  97. alaina blackstock 2nd

    i learned you added mayonnaise to this and it will still taste good.

  98. anissa g beason


  99. Savoi G

    I didnt know that ritz crackers could be a tasty topping!

  100. Shiya

    I learned that you use a lot of mayo to make this dish.

  101. Myah Edwards

    This casserole was very good, I also like mine with rice in it.

  102. austin whiteley 2nd

    i learned you can cook broccoli in the microwave.

  103. jamal turner

    i learned that you can cook the broccoli in the box

  104. Chase DuCharme

    I learned that if you buy frozen broccoli then there will more than likely be no preservatives in it.

  105. Thomas Harris

    I didnt know that you use mayo or ritz in broccoli casserole

  106. Jenna Hanson

    I learned that you can crush the crackers in a ziploc bag.

  107. Abigail Kremer

    I didn’t know that you add cream of mushroom soup to broccoli casserole.

  108. OG_Sethyy

    would fresh broccoli work better?

  109. liz

    i loved how this casserole tasted! i just have to make this at home!

  110. Kaytlyn 2nd

    I loved this. It tasted so good!! It didnt look good when it was mixed but it tasted really good!

  111. Mallori

    i learned you can use Ritz Crackers to add a crunch (: Yumm O

  112. Lucinda

    I learned that you can crunch up Ritz crackers and use them as a crust

  113. KhaMaria Jones

    Broccoli casserle is so good!
    I love the cruchiness it has.

  114. william

    interesting lab learned so much from it.

  115. Andrew E.

    I love broccoli, so this recipe is perfect for me! 🙂

  116. Rebecca McConnell

    I nerver knew the Ritz crackers would make such a great topping, it just pulls it all together. I love broccoli and this has to be one of the best tasting casseroles. 🙂

  117. Alex

    Believe it or not, I actually LOVE broccoli and cheese! So I really enjoyed this demo! To me, casserole usually means: nastiness all thrown in a pan! But this was very good and easy to prepare, i didnt realize that broccoli out of the box would taste just as good as it fresh!

  118. jessica n

    broccoli is a simple recipe good for family gatherings

  119. charity

    I learned Ritz crackers give the casserole a salty tatse and a crunchy texture!

  120. Cierra Portis

    I learned how to make broccoli casserole

  121. Candiace

    This was really delicious, I’m glad you made this for the class, because it was one of my favorites!

  122. jessica v.

    2 things i learned. one, you use mayonase to cook this food! and that you can actually cook a casserole in the microwave

  123. the casserole tasted good i never knew ritz crackers made a good topping

  124. sandrella

    the ritz gave it a better taste only cause im not a fan of broccli but it was good

  125. natasha

    i learned how to cook this whole meal and i loved it

  126. Viviana D.

    i learned that you can cook the broccoli right out of the box and to let the casserole cool down a little beforing eating.

  127. Chelsea M.

    I learned that you can eat broccoli steamed, roasted, and raw! I would probably like the steamed the most!

  128. kassie

    i learned that you could use ritz crackers to make a crust

  129. Gifty

    the broccoli casserole tatsed totally different from how i have it. usually i eat the one with rice but this one was quite satisfying, i realized in this demo that the egg has multiple purposes, and that is holds the dish together.

  130. Marissa- 1st period

    I thought the broccoli casserole tasted really good. I learned that you can use steamed frozen broccoli instead of fresh broccoli in the casserole and it will taste just as good.

  131. Kaitlyn

    i Learned That If You Buy Broccoli in a Box , You Can Cook it The Box !
    its Fast And Easy (:

  132. amber w.

    i learned you have to let it sit so the cheese sauce will thicken

  133. Edwin Warner

    I learned that you can make a creamy sauce by using mushroom soup.

  134. Summer Bailey

    i learned that you can steam the broccoli right in the steamer box, this seemed easy to make!

  135. Miracle

    The Broccoli Casserole was GREAT it didnt take long to make, I learned that you can use broccoli out of the bag if you want something fast..

  136. Jordan Griffin 2nd block

    I learned that you can have Ritz crackers as a crunchy topping.

  137. Lindsey Harley

    I learned that it was quick and easy to make and that you could use Ritz crackers as a crunchy topping

  138. Brooke H

    I learned that the nasty looking sauce is actually very tasteful. I also learned not to judge food before you eat it.

  139. carmen

    i learned that ritz can make a good crust!

  140. chelsea pirkle

    i personally hate broccoli but im sure everyone else loved it. i learned that you put mayo in the casserole.

  141. julie o

    i learned ritz crackers make a good crust. and it was good

  142. breana h

    i hate Broccoli with a passion i have never liked it even when i was little i hated it so sorry but i did not eat this and probably wont evr make it

  143. Jasmine J.

    I learned that to make the “sauce” to go over the broccoli, you must put mayonaise, eggs, mushroom soup, and cheese . . sounds nasty, but it’s so good !

  144. Katie Johnson

    this was really really good! i have never found a recepie where broccoli casserole is good! until now. I just wish there was a way around the mayonaise. not a big fan of that at all.. (:

  145. Galia Sayyar

    I learned that you could cook broccoli in a box in the microwave. news to me

  146. Patrick Hogan

    i learned that you can cook broccoli in the microwave

  147. marty-2nd period

    I wasn’t in class when the casserole but from looking at the recipe and pictures I didn’t see the egg or Ritz crackers cause it was out the blue. Never saw it coming.

  148. Sarah Michalke

    I normally don’t like broccoli, but I learned that sometimes you can take the stuff you don’t like and make something good.

  149. ashton k

    im not a big fan of broccoli but i really liked this because it was creamy but crunchy

  150. jasmin m

    i never knew you could cook them in the box! wow ! and soo i thought i wouldnt like it but i really did it was quite flavorful!

  151. Kaylon Hendrix

    I honestly thought this was going to be the most disgusting meal ever, simply because I hate broccoli, but it ended up being wonderful! I didn’t know you could use ritz crackers for the topping, I always though it had to be bread crumbs, you make things so easy and affordable!

  152. Jade Sanders 1st period

    I was absent for this lab, but from what I read up above it I learned that this is a simple easy dish that is afordable and you can cook it for your whole family.

  153. charity


  154. gabby c. 1st per., 2nd sem.

    I really didn’t learn much about this casserole because my aunt makes a very similar casserole on big holidays like thanksgiving and christmas. I can say I did enjoy this lab because it reminds me of home.

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