1st Block 3rd Kitchen

1st Block 3rd Kitchen

15 responses to “1st Block 3rd Kitchen

  1. Ray Kendrick

    3rd kitchen 1st period should win

  2. Stephen Kendrick

    My sisters group is so awesome! Her kitchen is going to win!

  3. Tina Kendrick

    3rd kitchen should win. Theirs looks good.

  4. Ashley Kendrick

    Yayyy 3rd kitchen!! 🙂

  5. Bailee Martin

    Yum that chicken looks good.

  6. Carly Hart

    my, oh my this looks fantastic.
    it’s got my vote!

  7. Cassie Camp

    i like the way that this group presented theirs.
    they have my vote!

  8. Vickie Hart

    This looks delicious! I hope my daughter will cook this for me.
    This group has my vote!

  9. Renee Eidson

    This looks fantastic, love the presentation.
    They’ve got my vote!

  10. Kim Jones

    I want to vote for 1st period kitchen 3. The meal looks very appealing as well as the presentation.

  11. Ashley Maryniak

    I want to vote for 1st period kitchen 3. The presenttion was great, and the food tasted delicious!

  12. Stephen Jerzak

    i love a girl that can cook

  13. Pat Kirch

    that chicken looks goooood. see you sunday!

  14. Christine Kelly

    if you make me some chicken i’ll cut your bangs!

  15. Stephanie Pittman

    best one 🙂

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