Szechuan Chicken Iron Chef Contest


This is what  I cooked yesterday in class.  Today is the test.  Let’s see what’cha got!

Will post results today around 3 PM and voting will begin.  It will end at midnight Nov. 5,2009. Friday morning I will post the winner.  

This should be interesting since there are  not too many ways to plate this dish.  Let’s see who is the most creative and which group prepares the dish correctly .  Good luck and may the best chef win.

The Teacher Cooks



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14 responses to “Szechuan Chicken Iron Chef Contest

  1. These dishes look great! Something about 1st block kitchen 6 looks heavenly…(I think I just heard my stomach)

    HOW DARE YOU…now I want some stir fry! lol!

  2. Brooke Maryniak

    I think that 2nd period 4th kitchen had the best picture idea, and it tasted very good! 🙂

  3. Doug Jones

    I want to vote for kitchen 4 in 2nd period because they had an original way to present their food. I would like to try this recipe sometime!

  4. Leslie Stewart

    Kitchen 5 2nd Period looks yummy 🙂

  5. ashley

    this was delicious! my favorite thing i ate in this class (:

  6. Ana

    The Szechuan Chicken was delicious, the peppers and all the vegetables tasted great with the soy sauce.

  7. kenny

    the chili sauce adds a lot of spicy flavor to the chicken and it tastes great

  8. Isata

    i loved to make this i learned how to make something i thought i would never be able to make.

  9. Bethany B. 1st

    I learned that not to be afraid you burned it when you use the Chilli Paste it might smell like it and look like it but its not burned and tastes great!:)

  10. Brittany - 1st period.

    I learned how to butterfly the chicken 🙂

  11. Tatiana G 1st period

    I learn how to make stir-fry and it was more simple than I thought it would be. I also learned the different flavors you get from each pepper.

  12. kim s.

    i learned that there is more than one kind of pepper in this recipe. looks good:)

  13. Callie C.

    I learned how to butterfly the chicken.

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