The Best Dressed Cupcake is….

We are the winners!!!

This one got the most votes (31)!!!!

What a day Friday was!  I would pretty much call it organized chaos. I have never seen so much icing! We had loads of fun with this contest. The students really got into it. They did research on the internet, gathered pictures, made to do lists for each other , made drawings  of their designs and worked as a team to get the job done.

Those of you reading this that have done some cake decorating know that this is no simple task. I have taken several classes in cake decorating and will only volunteer to do the simplest of tasks. Especially after I volunteered to make a very good friend’s daughter’s groom’s cake.  Why I did that I will never know.  I practiced making the cake maybe 10 times.  We had cake everywhere.  I took it to every party.  I sent it with GI Joe to work every week. When it came down to decorating it I just could not bring myself to do it .  I took it to my neighbor who did catering on the side and she whipped it together in about an hour.  I would have stayed up all night.

Anyway cake decorating takes practice.  My students found this out in about 5 minutes.  What a good learning experience!  

Thanks to all of you that took the time to vote.

These two groups will get extra credit on a  project this week we are doing with Eating Disorders.

My students laughed when they heard this. Cupcakes , icing and eating disorders  that’s just wrong!!!

 Here is the 2nd place group with 15 votes.  By the way Kitchen 4 had 14 votes.  The top 3 came from First Block.  Way to Go!!!

Happy Cooking,

The Teacher Cooks 

We got 2nd place!

This was so creative!



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14 responses to “The Best Dressed Cupcake is….

  1. Becca Ash

    Never take any ideas from me again! Decorating the cupcakes was so hard!!

  2. Ashley Maryniak

    I never knew it was so hard to decorate a cupcake! Next time I may just stick to icing and sprinkles.

  3. Ashley Kendrick

    I never knew how hard it was to decorate cupcakes. I also never knew mixing chocolate and food coloring wasn’t too good.

  4. Carly Hart

    Decorating cupcakes was one of the hardest things I’ve done involving baking, and I’ve done many hard things. This was so much fun though, and a great learning experience!

  5. Savannah Cole

    Those are so cute and they look yummy 🙂

  6. brandy adams

    i liked my groups we tried really hard but they didnt really come out right. oh well….. at least we tried. ours tasted good though.

    Kitchen 1 period 1

  7. imari daniels

    ours tasted sooooo good.

  8. Brooke Maryniak

    I thought this was a great lab! Kitchen 4 2nd period should have won though, but that’s ok! 🙂 Decorating cupcakes is harder than I thought.

  9. Yesica Melchor

    2nd Block Kitchen 4 should have won first place. The decorations were awesome and very creative! But everyone’s were pretty good overall.

  10. chanz

    hey i like the designs

  11. Leslie Stewart

    Those cupcakes look cute but I still think mine are better 🙂

  12. Elizabeth

    I wasn’t here for these, but they look great. I got to taste some groups, and they were great!

  13. lindsey hale

    Awww i wish i would have been there to make these. They all look so good. Ugh i miss being in class to make stuff like this.

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