We’re Getting Dressed Up for Halloween today!


Vote today starting at 3:00 PM until Saturday 3:00 PM for your favorite dressed up cupcake.

Only one vote per person.

Happy Cooking,

The Teacher Cooks



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13 responses to “We’re Getting Dressed Up for Halloween today!

  1. Jennifer Pham

    I loved the table 5 1st period cupcakes. they were very creative. I love the ghosts.

  2. Kaitlyn Black

    I like table 5 1st period cupcakes. they are really awesome. The cupcakes are very cute and creative.

  3. zoe mcfall

    i enjoyed 1st block, table 5’s cupcakes! they were very creative and cute.

  4. Shay Barnby

    The cupcakes for table 5 1st period are very creative. I love how they designed the cupcakes.

  5. Emily

    2nd Block Kitchen 5 gets my vote!

  6. Rebecca

    I like 2nd block, kitchen 5. The use of multiple cupcakes in order to create a spider is very creative.

  7. Amy

    I think my favorite are the “happy halloween” onese–1st block kitchen 4. 🙂

  8. The cupcakes were fun and cute. 🙂

  9. Parker

    I loved making the cupcakes. Even though we messed up with the oil they ended up great.

  10. Hanna

    I liked making cupcakes! Even though we forgot to bring everything they turned out ok.

  11. Allie

    I had so much fun decorating these, though I have to say that Parker’s group had the best design with their tombstones and ghosts!

  12. Erin

    Decorating these weren’t as easy as it looked, but it was so much fun!

  13. Aww look at my cupcakes (:
    Haha they dont look the best but they TASTE the best!* (:

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