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Snicker’s Brownie Cake

Chocolate goodness






Chocolate makes everything better.  This Snicker’s Brownie Cake proves that even on a rainy day there is some sunshine.  I didn’t change a thing about it.  The recipe is perfect as it stands.  It might be the meringue you fold into the chocolate that makes this so heavenly, or the chocolate and butter  melted into one beautiful bowl,  or the 10 Snicker’s  fun bars  you sprinkle on the top .  Any one of these could put this over the top, but together it is a masterpiece to enjoy.  Put this at the top of your list to make during the holidays to impress your chocolate loving friends.  You will not hear the end of it.  It is without a doubt the best brownie I have ever had.

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November 19, 2015 · 12:00 pm