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Strawberry Buttermilk Sherbet (Ice Cream)

I made my first ice cream of the year this weekend to reduce the number of strawberries that were overflowing in my refrigerator and wouldn’t you know that the temperature would drop to the low 4o’s.  March was a record high 80’s.  What’s up with this ridiculous range of tempts?  But, no matter what the weather is outside the strawberries are coming in like crazy and there are just so many that I can eat before they go bad.  Southern Living came to my rescue with their winning recipe for ice cream, sherbet, or frozen yogurt.  Whatever you want to name it make sure that you put the word scrumptious in front of it.  It is the easiest ice cream you’ll ever make and what is even better is that it is low in calories.  You might want to hide any straws.  The mixture is so good you’ll want to drink it like a milkshake.  It is that good!

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