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Meatloaf with Sundried Tomatoes

Are you a lover of meatloaf?  I’ve found that you either love it or hate it.  There is no in between. Here is recipe that you are going to love.  It screams out with so much flavor.   I’m a lover of meatloaf especially my mother’s meatloaf.  Her recipe has eluded me for as long as I have been cooking.  She used just ground beef with an egg, a few bread crumbs, onion, and bell pepper.  The loaf was placed in a corningware loaf dish.  To make a wonderful tomato gravy to go with the meatloaf she poured tomato juice over the meatloaf then baked it.  It was heavenly with rice.  I’m not going to give up, but in the mean time this fantastic recipe certainly does fit the bill!

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