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Meat Sauce Made by Rosco

Last week we had the wonderful opportunity of having Rosco from Sam and Rosco’s Restaurant here in Douglasville to be a guest speaker in my classes.  I am not exaggerating at all when I tell you that I had more administrators, teachers, and students than ever before stopping by my room to see what was being prepared.  The aroma of garlic, peppers, and onions was everywhere.  You can just imagine how the best Italian restaurant smells when you walk in and that’s what was permeating the entire back hall. It was amazingly good.  My students were in awe of Rosco’s expertise in cooking and his life story of how he ended up in the restaurant business.  He came here from the Northern part of Iran and graduated from Southern Tech as an engineer.  In college he worked at many great restaurants in Atlanta such as Pano and Paul’s and The Fish Market.  After graduating he taught college for a few years.  As he was offered a Doctorial Program his life took a different turn and he and his college friend Sam decided to open an Italian restaurant that was named Aldo’s.  That restaurant grew from one to several others in the Atlanta area.  Being in the restaurant business is hard work with long hours. When both Sam and Rosco wanted to spend more time with their families all the Aldo restaurants were sold.  Now they operate the one and only Sam and Rosco’s.      Continue reading



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