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A Tribute to the Best Classes and Mexican Stuffed Shells

This is my 25th year at AHS.  I have taught in the same room and have taught an array of classes  from Clothing and Textiles, Interior Decorating, Technology in the Home, Child Development, Teaching as a Profession and Foods.  I’ve loved each and every one of them.  Yes, there have been students that stood out in each of these classes.  Many of them I stay in contact with today, but I’ve never had two classes as I have had this semester.  Don’t get me wrong  the semester hasn’t been a piece of cake.  I have worked myself to death.  We made 32 different dishes.  Half of these we had labs.  So that means that I have spent many hours making grocery lists, shopping, putting groceries up, cooking, cleaning, setting up labs, evaluating work and doing laundry! But, the students have been a different group.

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