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Dream Bars

One of my best childhood memories is my hometown bakery.  My sister and I would stop by on our way home from school almost everyday.  I had quite a few favorites such as huge butter cookies, cream horns dusted with powdered sugar, and date nut bars.  All of the above were enjoyed with a Tab or a big cup of coffee depending on the season and the weather.  I have been searching for the recipe to make the perfect date nut bars and this one is pretty close.  The bottom layer is similar to a shortbread cookie and the top layer is a mixture of dates, coconut,  and nuts.   Delicious!    Sorry, but I’ve got to run.  I brought home school work which is calling my name.  I have about 400 papers that are graded, but have not been put into the gradebook.    So I am off to do my real job!

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