Mayonnaise Rolls

This school year has been quite a challenge for me for many reason that I won’t go into because  I am working so hard  to be a positive influence in my classroom. My students are absolutely wonderful!  With the exception of a handful,  all of them signed up for my class to learn how to cook.  I have a large number of seniors that will be leaving their families for college next year and they want to be able to cook for themselves.  I applaud them!

I found the perfect quick bread recipe in a Southern Living cookbook.  I have never baked using mayonnaise, but when I saw that  Hellman’s was on sale two for one at Publix I had to try it.  It is very good and so quick to make.  The prep time is about 8 minutes and the cook time 15 minutes.  Perfect for my 45 minute class period.  I was very pleased at the results for these novice cooks.  They did a very nice job.

If you want some really moist rolls give these a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

Here are some hints that I discovered while making this recipe 29 times.

  • Use White Lily flour because it is made with a softer wheat resulting in a softer texture.
  • Sift the flour.  When the flour was not sifted it resulted in lumps of flour in the cooked rolls.
  • Use a fork to stir the batter.  It will break up the dry ingredients better than a spoon.
  • All muffin pans are not created equal.  If you have less than 6 rolls fill the space with water for even cooking.
  • If dark pans are used reduce the temperature 25 degrees.
  • The recipe can be doubled easily for 12 rolls.
  • I did not think that the leftovers were good heated the next day, but many of my students disagreed.  They found the leftovers to be very good.

Mayonnaise Rolls  from Southern Living

Yield 6 rolls

  • 1 cup self-rising flour ( I use sifted White Lily)
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 3 tablespoons mayonnaise ( I use Hellmann’s)
  • 3/4 teaspoon sugar
  1. Whisk together flour and sugar.
  2. Add mayonnaise and milk and mix just until dry ingredients are moistened.  I found that a fork was better than a spoon for stirring.
  3. Spoon batter into a lightly greased muffin pan, filling three-fourths full.
  4. Bake at 425 degrees for 15 minutes.
Here are the results of our very first lab of the year!  I am so proud of my students for doing such a great job.

1st period Kitchen 1

1st Period Kitchen 2

1st Period Kitchen 3

1st Period Kitchen 4

1st Period Kitchen 5

1st Period Kitchen 6

2nd Period Kitchen 1

2nd Period Kitchen 2

2nd Period Kitchen 3

2nd Period Kitchen 4

2nd Period Kitchen 5

2nd Period Kitchen 6

3rd Period Kitchen 1

3rd Period Kitchen 2

3 rd Period Kitchen 3

3rd Period Kitchen 4

3rd Period Kitchen 5

3rd Period Kitchen 6

4th Period Kitchen 1

4th Period Kitchen 2

4th Period Kitchen 3

4th Period Kitchen 4

4th Period Kitchen 5

4th Period Kitchen 6



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81 responses to “Mayonnaise Rolls

  1. Debbie Hining

    Thanks for the recipe! Looks like everyone did a good job. There is also a great recipe for Corn muffins that has only three ingredients. Self rising corn meal, buttermilk and mayonnaise make wonderful corn muffins and are low in calories and fat, too (It’s an old weight watcher’s recipe). .

  2. Gifty

    could you just drop them like drop biscuits instead of a muffin pan?

  3. Love that you have the opportunity to teach cooking. I am jealous! 🙂

  4. Keiara

    I learned that if you do not fill all of the spaces with the biscuits then you should fill it with water.

  5. Kayla Williams 2nd period

    I learned that if you don’t sift the flour good it will make it have lumps.

  6. cristian Valencia 3rd

    You should always grease the pan before putting the biscuits on the pan.

  7. Morgan Barnwell 4th

    I learned that when you’re making recipes like this, it is easier to mix with a fork instead of a spoon to break up the dry ingrediants.

  8. olivia4thalbanese

    i learned to make sure not to over cook the muffins so that they dont burn and to fill the empty muffin holes with water.

  9. Ali Nayeem

    I think these turned out very great, especially using mayonaise in it.

  10. Anna Acker

    I learned that you have to sift the flour when we made these rolls.

  11. Bailey 1st period

    I didnt think that they would taste good bc they were made out of mayo. They were actually pretty good!

  12. DS1st

    sounds weird but it’s pretty darn good!!

  13. Ashton M- 1st Period

    I willl admit that I was a little worried about these tasting like mayonnaise but they were actually really good. I learned that you can use mayonnaise as a grease or oil when cooking rather than using butter or crisco. 🙂

  14. victoria jett

    i learned that if you don’t have enough batter to fill the whole muffin pan to fill the remaining empty ones with water

  15. grace wilemon 2nd

    Mayonaise Rolls were very delicious. i learned alot by watching yu show us how to propperly knead the dough and how you can use flour to make it not stick but if you use to much it is going to turn out clumpy and to floury. ]
    when making it with my group we learned that even if you hate mayonaise it doesnt tast like mayonaise they are acctually delicious and tast nothing like it.

  16. Noelle 1st

    If you use while lily four it will make your roll softer.

  17. tyler

    I learned that you need to sift the flour otherwise it will be suckish when you eat it!

  18. taylor Miles

    I learned you can cook rolls in a muffin pan

  19. Haley J

    I learned that you must sift the flour when making these rolls. If you don’t sift the flour there will be lumps of flour in your rolls.

  20. Evan Foerster

    Mayonnaise rolls turned my stomach at first, byt they actually were really good. The rolls also had a lot of options and we could pretty mych add anything that we wanted as a topping. In this lab i learned that cooling is essential for a good texture.

  21. Jackie

    I really enjoyed making these in class, they were delicious. I made them at home with turkey bacon. It was very simple and a great breakfast. I learned that you can add stuff too them, for example cheese. They could be for breakfast or a side dish at dinner.

  22. Noel

    I learned when making mayonnaise rolls that you don’t have to like the taste of mayonnaise. I thought that since it was called ‘mayonnaise rolls’ that you were going to taste alot of mayonnaise.

  23. Kaley

    Kaley 1st pd.- I learned that you should use a fork to stir the batter so that there aren’t any lumps in it.

  24. janasia spruill

    i learned that if you dont sift the flour you will have lumps.

  25. Destiny 1st pd

    This recipe was very simple. I learned using a fork to mix the batter is better than using a spoon with this recipe.

  26. dre

    these were great.. good job destiny… YOU NO!!…

  27. Hector Melara

    i learned that mayonnaise is a substitute for oil and fat

  28. Ali 2nd period

    i learned that mayonnaise was just a fat. I didnt know you could use this for baking.

  29. I learned that measuring accurately is an important factor in determining the taste of your food. If you don’t measure accurately, you could end up with too much of one ingredient that will make the food taste unbalanced and one ingredient will stick out over the others.

  30. brianna blair

    I learned forks are better then spoons when string.

  31. Angel W. 2nd pd.

    When making the Mayo Rolls, I learned that when putting mayo in bread it makes the bread moist.

  32. Katherine Lackey

    I learned that you can use mayonnaise for biscuits! I also learned that you fill the remaining muffin pans that do not have batter in them with water.

  33. Paige Horton 2nd

    What I learned from this lab is that you really have to grease the pan well for the rolls to slide out nicely.

  34. Amber Pirkle

    I learned that you have to measure the mayo correctly so you don’t have too much.

  35. Bria 1st period

    I learned that you have that you still have to grease the pan even though its non stick.

  36. Kaleigh Kraus

    I learned that self rising flour is the best to use for this recipe.

  37. adrea 1st period

    i learned that even though mayonnaise is the nastiest substance known to man kind these are actually tolerable because you cant taste the mayonnaise.

  38. Courtney Thompson

    You can use mayonaisse in place of an oil

  39. archie

    i learned mayonaise makes the bread moist

  40. Jessica Craig

    I learned t hat you must shifted the flour.

  41. Austin 3rd period

    I learned that you need to sift the flour so it won’t be as lumpy and that mayonnaise tastes good in rolls

  42. Austin 3rd period

    I learned that you need to sift the flour so it won’t be as lumpy and that mayonnaise tastes good in rolls.

  43. Rodriguez, Maryann 3rd.

    I learned that you have to use self rising flour! (:

  44. Sydnee Council 3rd period

    These were so yummy and reminded me of the Red Lobster’s biscuits. But, maybe thats just me. I learned how to put mayo in the measuring cup-it looked really hard at first- but i understood after trying!

  45. Mary DePaola

    I learned that you have to sift the flour or it will be lumpy and not turn out right.

  46. Joseph Loomis

    I learned how to make a sweet and simple muffin, with mayonnaise.

  47. Tyler Shaw 3rd

    i learned how to make rolls with mayo

  48. frederick welch

    i learned that if you add too much flour it would make it look like its powdered sugar on the rolls.

  49. travis a platt

    i love how the roll mealts in your mouth!!!

  50. melijah mason

    i think these turned out very good, especially using mayonnaise. But you could really taste it so i thought thats was good.

  51. Chelsea T. 4th.

    During the lab and demonstration I learned that if all of the spaces in the muffin pan are not filled to fill it halfway with water so that the cooking remains even among the other rolls. I also learned that if two pans are touching the parts that are touching will cook faster

  52. arkell evans 4th period

    I learned that after these are done you will not be able to taste the mayonnaise at all.

  53. jamile h

    i learned that you have to mix the right ingredients and the right amount for your rolls to be fluffy and have a nice brown color

  54. tahir f.

    I Learned how much i needed to space out my rolls

  55. Jorman G

    these mayonaise rolls absolutely awesome!

  56. Cole Small

    The thought of makeing somethimg with a name like this sounded bad. I now know how good the rolls are. I learned that the bread will rise at lower alltitudes



  58. maeghan d.

    I learned not to knead the dough too much or else your rolls will come out to tough.

  59. Olivia Walker

    I learned that the dry ingredients should be moistened.

  60. Emily Cunningham 3rd

    I learned by watching the demo and cooking the mayonnaise rolls, that you need to sift the flour! If the flour is not sifted, you will soon taste the big lumps of flour in the rolls!

  61. Brianna Oliver

    I was a little skeptical about this whole thing at first because i dont like mayonnaise AT ALL. To my suprise this has been one of my favorite recipes that we made. I learned when using a dark pan turn the temperature down 25˚

  62. Olivia S

    I learned that you should use white lily flour, because it helps your rolls have a softer texture.

  63. Payton Horton

    In this lab I learned that mayonnaise can make things very moist, Also how to grease a pan.

  64. nikki burns lupo 4th block

    i learned not to use to much flour.

  65. whitney hobbs

    After watching the demo on how to make these delicious Mayo Rolls, I learned you should sift the flour because when the flour is not sifted it results in lumps of flour in the cooked rolls.

  66. morgan jones

    I learned that you use white lily flour because it make a softer texure

  67. morgan jones

    I learned that you use white lily flour because it make the rolls have a softer texture

  68. Beth B

    I learned that you use 3 tablespoons mayonnaise and it only has to bake for 15 mins.

  69. ANTIONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    at first i thought the idea of mayonnaise in biscuits was freaking nasty. but after mixing al the ingrediants i together, and letting them cook i found that it was pretty good.

  70. jamile

    i lerned that you have to put jus enough mayonnaise for them to taste right

  71. Nikki Burns 4th period

    i learned that if there is an empty spot in the pan to put water in it or else it will cook the rolls unevenly. make sure not to get water into the other spaces when u pour it in.

  72. morgan h

    i loved making this it was very easy and i couldnt even taste the mayo i learned it is best to mix ingredients with a frok rather then a spoon

  73. alina m

    from baking the mayonnaise rolls i learned it is better to mix the ingredients with a fork instead of spoon.

  74. travis platt

    the rolls have a great taste and you really cant teast the mayonnaise in the rollls its a good additave.

  75. Keiara Dority

    I learned that you could mix biscuits with mayo.

  76. Jackie

    I learned that you should only fill the muffin pans three-fourths full, because the batter will rise as it cooks.

  77. astrid vazquez

    i never knew you could make biscuits with mayonnaise, but they were great

  78. Mello!

    I learned that you should stir the batter with a fork

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