Oatmeal-Raisin Muffins

I can always expect there to be much excitement in the air when the time comes for the first lab of the semester.  Wearing aprons for the first time,  working in the kitchen with a group of people  you may not have known two weeks ago,  anxiously awaiting to see what the teacher has to say about the food, actually sitting at a table , using a napkin,  and carrying on table conversation.  This is one of my favorite times of the school year. 

Today we made a muffin recipe from scratch.  I have to say that it was a success!  As I was walking around the room tasting muffins and getting a feel for how the students liked the activity I asked them, “Did you have fun today?”  They answered, ” Yes, it was great!”   Then I got asked a question that no one as ever asked me, ” Did you have fun today, Mrs. Lupo?”  I was taken aback.   Everyone who knows me well can tell you that I love what I do!!!!

So let’s get to the recipe.  It is great.  These muffins only have one half cup of sugar meaning that they are not cake hiding under the name muffin .  The batter is more soupy than any muffin I’ve ever made.  The first time making them I was skeptical about the outcome.  But I was pleasantly surprised with the soft crumb and great flavor.    Most high school students scoff at recipes that have raisins so I made them at home and let them taste without knowing the ingredients.  They thought they were apples.  How funny is that?  These were a hit with everyone.  So here is the first success of the semester and we’re hoping for more just like today!

Oatmeal-Raisin Muffins from Gracious Goodness, Macon Jr. League

  • 1 cup sifted all purpose flour
  • 3 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 cup shortening
  • 1 cup quick-cooking rolled oats
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup raisins


  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter

Sift together flour, baking powder and salt.  Cut in shortening until crumbly.  Stir in oats. Combine egg, milk and brown sugar and beat well.  Stir into dry ingredients; add raisins.  Spoon into paper baking cups in muffin pans.  Bake at 425 degrees for about 12-15 minutes.  They will not be a dark brown color.  Brush the tops of the muffins with butter and dip into sugar mixed with cinnamon. 

Makes 1 dozen.  They freeze very well.

1st Block Kitchen 1

1st Block Kitchen 2

1st Block Kitchen 3

1st Block Kitchen 4

1st Block Kitchen 5

1st Block Kitchen 6

2nd Block Kitchen 1

2nd Block Kitchen 2

2nd Block Kitchen 3

2nd Block Kitchen 4

2nd Block Kitchen 5

Happy Cooking,

The Teacher Cooks



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44 responses to “Oatmeal-Raisin Muffins

  1. Dear Mrs. Lupo,
    I love your comment that these are not cake hiding under the name of muffin. I agree, most mufin recipes have too much sugar. I loved home ec when I was in school. Since I remember it being called home ec I just gave away my age! I learned to cook and sew because I had a wonderful home ec teacher. Back then the girls took home ec and the boys took industrial arts. I’m curious—how long are the classes now? Is a semester of family and consumer science required as it was when I was a kid? Is it in all of the public schools? Thank you for your fun blog. I enjoy reading your work.

  2. Edwin Warner

    When we had our lab on friday, I learned that for something to be sweet it does not have to be loaded with sugar. Someone can use the natural sweetness of fruits to make a little sugar seem like alot.

  3. I learned you need to measure ingredients as close to the exact measurement. Personally I need to measure ingredients better.

  4. Candiace H.

    These muffins were really tasty! I loved this day in your class! Although im not much of a group person when it comes to cooking I had fun! This class is very fun and is very helpful with young peoples lives! Working in a group with alot of girls is really not something I like to do especially when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. At home I love to cook but I have to be alone although working with a group it is faster and easier to get things done in the kitchen! hopefully when we do our next lab in the class it will be just as fun..:)

  5. charity grimes

    I learned if you fill the batter up to the top in the pan it will rise and create a very nice and formed muffin top!!!!

  6. Kaitlyn C *

    i learned , that you have to measure the ingredients just right , and fill them in all the way to the pot of the pan for them to come out right . i think they came out amazing !
    cant wait for the next lab ((:

  7. gabby c 2nd per. 2nd sem.

    friday in class making muffins was really fun. at my house i love to cook but i cook alone most times or my mother may help but never do i have other people helping me out. i dont usually bake things like muffins, cookies, or nothing aloong those line, but i do cook dinner most time. but honestly im looking forward to cooking those cheese biscuits in a future lab.

  8. Jessica V.

    Our first kitchen lab wasnt as stressful as Ithought it would be. My group works really well together and the muffins turned out great.
    The thing I learned through out it was, how to make muffins. I have never made or ever tried to make them until Friday.

  9. KatieS.

    I learned that if the muffins come out with a point at the top then that means that you mixed the batter to much .

  10. Rebecca McConnell

    On the lab we did Friday, I learned to really watch what you add to your mix and to keep a close watch and make sure that you add the correct amount of ingredients.

  11. Kaylon Hendrix

    Dear the best teacher in the WHOOOOLEEE wide world, 🙂
    My first experience with this lab went way better than I thought it would, I was surprised because I’m not a socialite at all. We all got along well and got the job done. I was a little worried on how the muffins were going to turn out, because I’m not a cook at all. I’m actually happy I’m taking this class, it helps me a lot. I enjoyed the outcome and taste of them, and the way you teach things are so simple and understandable. I also can tell that you care about our safety. Thank you very much for making the first lab the best one. Hopefully they stay this way. You’re a great teacher!

  12. AmberW.

    I learned that if you add a little bit more then what you are suppose to of something that it can mess up what you are cooking .

  13. sandrella


  14. Alex H.

    Mrs. Lupo,
    This lab was a very fun experience in your class. I enjoyed working with the people in my group. The muffins were really tasty.. They turned out to look really good i have never had muffins turn out like they are actually suppose to look. I learned working with a group is easier than working alone and learned how i was suppose to crack an egg and not get a shell in it.

  15. sandrella

    i learned how to make some very good muffins . i also learned if you blend muffins to much they will be come to thin and they will be flat .

  16. Jade 1st period

    I never thought I would like a cooking class, but I really enjoy your class and I look forward to learning new things throughout the year. During the muffin lab I learned that everyone has a different style of doing things, from measuring the ingredients, to mixing them. Whatever the case might be everyone is different.

  17. Brooke H

    While cooking on friday, i learned that when your working in the kirchen it can get very crowded but you have to assign things for your partners to do, that way your kitchen is organized. Also, it is very important to follow directions, such as adding ingredients.

  18. Jordan Griffin 2nd block

    I learned that you have to follow directions.

  19. Lindsey Harley, 2nd block

    I learned that when working in a group instead of by yourself you have to communicate with one another in order to correctly prepare the food.

  20. Katie J 2nd

    Friday, I learned to work with four other people in a small cramped kitchen. At first it was hectic, but once we measured everything out, the end result was awesome. Our muffins tasted the best. (:

  21. carmen g

    i learned that following directions is a BIG part in cooking! and if you dont follow them correctly, your food will not turn out to good.

  22. Marty

    In the lab Friday I thought our group was going to fast but it end up being some groups were going to slow. We took the regular speed just like it was said in the directions. Our muffins look and taste great. With a side of orange juice-on point.
    Marty-2nd Period

  23. Sarah M. 2nd period

    I learned that if you put a paper towel over something in the microwave, it goes over the sides easier if you get it wet first.

  24. Ashton K. 2nd period

    i learned that it is proper to put your napkin in your lap while you are eating

  25. jasmin m

    i learned you have to beat the egg milk mixture and brown sugar together and not to over beat the batter

  26. Harold Colquitt

    I was 2nd Block Kitchen 1 our pictures did’nt turn as great as others but I believe ours tasted the best !

  27. Galia Sayyar

    I learned that if you mix your muffins too much, it makes the muffin tops pointed !! and how to make delicious muffins.

  28. melissa cuevas

    Mrs. Lupo,
    I honestly never thought i’d see the day where i could see myself enjoying cooking, let alone being able to actually prepare something! I learned that mixing ingredients in the right order actually does make a difference in the kitchen. With the next lab that comes along, my group will definetely have to keep in mind, the taste will turnout how it’s actually supposed to! I am really looking foward to the next lab.

  29. Brittany H. 2nd period

    From this lab that we did Friday was fun, but I also learned that cooking in a group of 5 is confusing and difficult. It also made me learn that for your food to turn out, you must follow the instructions of the meal and ingredients to try your best and not get out of order.

  30. Oksana

    I learned that you need to be familiar with the recipe before you cook.

  31. Natasha 1st period.

    The lab we did last Friday was the highlight of my day, i loved how the muffins turned out. I thought that working in a group of 5 would be very difficult but i soon came to realize that it was easy and the result proved that we all knew what we were doing to make a very good outcome. I hope that every lab is like this and if it is, i cant wait for the rest of the year.
    – Natasha Jaffu 🙂

  32. Viviana Dishmey

    I learned if you fill the batter to the top of the pan you will get a nice round top muffin.

  33. kassie harmon

    friday during the otameal-muffin lab i learned that when you work in a group it’s alot easier to focus because your only focused on one thing and while you’re doing one thing your group members are doing another and plus you get done faster 🙂

  34. Cierra Portis

    I really liked our first lab. It gives me the opportunity to socialize with my peers and learn new things I can cook in the kitchen for my family. The lab we did Friday was the highlight of my day and just knowing we did good made the rest of my day good and the teacher is very friendly. Working in a group makes things less streesful and more fun for everybody.

  35. Gifty

    I learned that the temperature sometimes depends on the shade of your muffin pan , like if the pan is dark you have to turn the temperature down.

  36. Alyssa 2nd

    This lab was fun. I learned that when cooking muffins you use crisco instead of oil that most muffins use, and you have to go by the recipe or your muffins will not turn out good.

  37. Jasmine S. Jones

    We had so much fun preparing and baking the muffins. Not only were they good to look at but also great to cook. As soon as I went home I made some at my own house! I’m not a big raisin fan, but I could barley taste them, they just blended in. Oatmeal Rasin Muffins are to die for, and everyone should know why!

  38. Chelsea

    I learned that if you stir the muffin batter to much,the muffins will come out with wormholes&a cone shaped top.
    -Chelsea G 2nd prd

  39. chelsea pirkle

    Mrs.Lupo i learned that food does not have to be unhealthy to not be good. Some sweet snacks can be nutritious and delicious. I also learned that when the muffins come out pointed or with “worm holes” then you have stirred the batter too much. I really enjoyed working in this lab and the knowledge that i learned from it.

  40. breana h

    i learn tht if you have never work with more then just yourself in a kitchen then you get over wellmed but with practice it will get easier

  41. lauren bowman

    I learned that you crack the egg in a seperate bowl, incase there is egg shells

  42. Summer

    I learned that you should mix dry ingredients and liquids separately before mixing them all together, i also learned that if you mix too much it can cause the muffins to no rise and could cause holes to form in them.

  43. Patrick Hogan

    I learned that if you mix your muffins excessively, they will come out pointed & with “worm holes” in them!

  44. jessica n

    i learned when making these muffins you have to put enough in the cupcake holder to make them rise, and pack the cinnamon.

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