Cranberry-Apple Crisp


Usually side dishes that are on the sweet side do not interest me at all, but this particular one has passed my lips and made me  a very happy person.  I love it for the holiday season and have made it numerous times thanks to my sister-in-law who shared the recipe.  The fresh cranberries make this a tart dish yet the apples and sugar tame down the cranberries.  As I type the word tart it makes me smile.  My students ask me all the time, “Why do use such large and unfamiliar words?”  I really don’t think that I do.  “What should I say instead of tart?”  I asked.  “Sour will work just fine.”  They make me laugh! 

This is so easy!  Try it as a side for your holiday meal and you can thank me later!  Enjoy.

Cranberry-Apple Crisp

Bake at 350 degrees    – 1 hour      Yield – 8 generous servings

  • 4 cups chopped tart apples    I remove the peel
  • 2 cups raw cranberries

Place in a greased 9 x 13 in. pyrex dish. Sprinkle with 3/4 cup of sugar


  • 1 stick melted butter
  • 1 1/2 cups oatmeal
  • 1/3 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup of chopped pecans

Mix together and spoon over cranberries and apples.  Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

Happy Thanksgiving,

The Teacher Cooks



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50 responses to “Cranberry-Apple Crisp

  1. KatyBurger

    I went home and made this for a food day that week. Everyone loved it a lot!

  2. Andrew E.

    I will make sure to make this delicious for the holidays. 😉

  3. nicole f

    I learned that tart apples make it taste better than sweet apples.

  4. Rachel Carvalho

    I would never have thought before that you would need flour for this recipe.

  5. Jessica Turner

    It doesnt look like it but this is very simple to make. I dont even like pecans really but i liked this dish.

  6. Brett

    I wish we actually got to do this one for a lab. It was delicious when you did the demo for it.

  7. Kamron Munch

    I didn’t know the word tart was a “large and unfamiliar” word.

  8. I learned that fresh cranberries is what makes the dish tart.

  9. Ladd Morgan

    I didn’t know we make you laugh…. that’s precious!

  10. heather

    This was really good demo, i didnt think oatmeal would be that good but i did actually like it.

  11. avery 1

    i didnt know this dish would be so crunchy

  12. Jessica Headen

    This was so good and very easy to make.

  13. KhaMaria Jones

    This tasted really great, it seems more like a dessert to me. The best dessert are the tart kind. 🙂

  14. Kateca F

    I never knew that you had to add flour to make the oatmeal stick.

  15. Brittany M 1st

    Learned that Cranberries and apples make a good mixture of a sweet and tart dessert

  16. Mandi 1st block.

    I learned that the fresh cranberries will make the dish more tart.

  17. Megan W

    I don’t like cranberries, but I learned this is a really easy dish to make

  18. kristin 1st

    I learned that it was really simple to make!

  19. Kayla Daniels

    OMG!!!!!! I love the apple crisp it was so amazing.

  20. Adam G

    Haha I loved that conversation about the tart-ness. I didn’t know cranberries could make such a great side-dish. I made this for my parents and they wouldn’t leave me alone about it.

  21. Olivia J

    I learned that the cranberries made it sour.

  22. liz 2nd

    i learned how simple it is to make!

  23. Le'Keitha

    Tart apples will give the Crisp a better taste than a sweet apple

  24. Denisse 2nd

    i discovered a new flavor that cranberries have when baked!.

  25. shiya hargrow

    cranberries are an awesome dish its also good when tou add brown sugar but in this case i have never heard of this recipe so it is new for me

  26. Kelsey R

    I learned using tart apples make it taste better.

  27. alaina blackstock

    I learned you had to bake this for at least an hour on 350 degrees.

  28. anissa beason

    you need alot of sugar

  29. jamal turner 2ndpd

    i learned that it is better to use tart apples rather then sweet apples

  30. Thomas Harris

    I learned that cranberries and apples make a good combination together

  31. jasmine mccoy

    i learned that u have to have 2 cups raw cranberries

  32. Kaytlyn 2nd

    This seems really simple. and really good! ilearned using tart appples makes it taste better

  33. Chase DuCharme

    I didn’t realize that cranberries give recipies a tart taste.

  34. Jenna Hanson

    I learned that the apples and sugars tame down the cranberries.

  35. Myah Edwards(:*

    I dont really like cranberries but this was really good.

  36. jasmine mccoy

    i learned you have to use 1/3 cup flour

  37. Austin Whiteley

    I learned that Cranberries and apples make a good mixture of a sweet and tart dessert!!

  38. sethyy

    I didn’t realize that cranberries give recipies a tart taste.

  39. Abigail Kremer

    I wouldn’t have thought of oatmeal being in this recipe, but it tastes really good with it.

  40. Leka Labat

    I learned that cranberries could actually be tasty.

  41. Brittanyj

    I learned that sour apples make the crisp better than sweet apples!

  42. Daniel Vinson

    i learned cranberry’s and apples taste good together

  43. Savoi Goggins

    I learned that fresh cranberries make the dish more tart.

  44. miya Dixon

    This looks really easy to make and it looks good

  45. Lucinda

    I thought this was so good, so I made some at home. I learned that it tastes best as a dessert.

  46. Mallori

    i learned you can use tart apples instead of sweet apples to bring out the flavor.

  47. william

    this was an interesting lab to do.

  48. Mariama Jallow

    I loved the tartness of this dish and learned that its becaue of the cranberries!

  49. william

    fresh cranberrys complete this dish dont they

  50. Marlee king

    I learned to use tart apples to bring out the flavors.

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