Scrambling Eggs with the Douglas County Teacher of the Year Mike Bedosky

At the beginning of the year I asked my students which teachers they would like to see come to our classroom and prepare a dish.  Coach Bedosky was mentioned first.   I was not surprised at all.   Mike Bedosky is a history teacher at Alexander High School.  He has his Master’s degree and is currently working on his doctorate hopefully to be finished in 2012.    When I questioned him about preparing a dish  for us he did not hesitate saying, “Sure I would love to!”     Mike is no stranger to my classroom.  He comes quite frequently at the invitation of my students.  They love him!  I encourage students to invite teachers to have breakfast, lunch, or whatever we are preparing at the time.  We treat our classroom as if it were a fancy restaurant.  With the preparation of the meal out-of-the-way carrying on table conversation with adults can sometimes be a little difficult for teens.     Coach Bedosky is the perfect role model for students.  When he is our guest he has the entire table at ease and engaging in conversation. I can tell that he is thrilled to be invited and truly enjoys this time with his students. And think about it, how many times does a student get to sit down and enjoy a meal with their favorite teacher?  And it is a perfect time for students to see teachers in a different light.    Even before Mike was chosen as Douglas County teacher of the year I knew that he was a great teacher.  He has the respect of the students as well as fellow teachers and his love for teaching shows even out of the classroom.  I am so  proud that he is an Alexander Cougar.  Congratulations Coach!  Now to the cooking-

Bedosky’s forte is scrambling eggs.  Easy enough!  The 6-foot-4,  289 pound former starter for the University of Missouri football team towered above my demonstration table.  I had to take photos from the side or he would have been photographed headless.  He was totally at ease preparing something that he says he shares with his two sons scrambled eggs.  While cracking the eggs and getting it all together he shared this with the students.  He said,  “My mother told me that I needed to know three things before leaving for college, how to cook, sew, and do laundry.”  I agree these are life skills that everyone should know!  Thanks Mike for the plug for Family and Consumer Science.     

There’s really no recipe here for you to follow.  Crack three eggs.

Beat together with a fork and pour in a teflon pan no fat added.  Then add shredded cheese.

Stir, stir, and stir until…

Here they are ready to be devoured by all students in my class Mike Bedosky’s Scrambled Eggs with Cheese.

A big thanks to you Coach Bedosky for sharing your time with us.  Alexander is proud to have such an outstanding teacher to represent the county!



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44 responses to “Scrambling Eggs with the Douglas County Teacher of the Year Mike Bedosky

  1. Not only can he scramble eggs, he is an EGG HEAD! He helps out with Scholar Bowl.

  2. Much fun for your class, Wanda!

  3. jonathan 1st

    i like the eggs they where good with cheese

  4. Jessica Headen

    I learned that putting water in your eggs makes them fluffier.

  5. heather

    I learned that if you add water to the eggs they will be more fluffier!

  6. nicole

    Coach Bedosky is 6 foot 4, 289 pounds and was a started for the University of Missouri.

  7. Kayla Daniels

    I learned how to scramble eggs under five minutes.

  8. Katy Burger

    I always wanted to know how to make an omelet and now I know how 🙂

  9. KhaMaria Jones

    He put water in the eggs to make the eggs fluffy.

  10. Haley V.

    I thought it was really cool that Mr. Bedosky came and cooked for us. He had me laughing the entire time. And his eggs were delicious!

  11. Bethanie1st

    I love eggs. He did a great job!

  12. Ethan 1st

    when coach Bedosky came and cooked his scrambled eggs he said that his grandma added water but he didn’t know why? but also i thought that was cool because hes passing down his families tradition of cooking.

  13. Mandi mills

    I learned that putting some water in your eggs makes them fluffier!

  14. Le'Keitha 2nd

    I learned that scrambling eggs is not hard. It’s fairly easy you just ha ve to know what you are doing.

  15. Jenna Hanson

    I learned that you can beat the eggs together with a fork.

  16. Adam G

    I learned that you should add water to your eggs for a better EGGsperience.

  17. LIZ 2nd

    i learned to use water instead of milk to make them fluffier.

  18. Miya Dixon

    The eggs were quick and easy to make and they were good.

  19. Denisse

    i learned that water makes the eggs much fluffier

  20. anissa g beason

    i love scrambling eggs

  21. shiya hargrow

    i liked the eggs and something that i didnt know was that you add water to an egg . i think that adding stuff to eggs could mess them up if they dont know what they are doing.

  22. Thomas Harris

    I learned that if you add water you eggs will turn out fluffy

  23. Myah Edwards(:*

    I learned that you can use water instead of milk to make the eggs fluffier.

  24. Abigail Kremer

    I did not know that you could add water to eggs to make them fluffy.

  25. william

    i learned that adding certain ingrediants like water can mess up the egg stirring process.

  26. Brittanyj

    I didn’t know you could put water with the eggs to make them fluffy, my mom has always put milk in them.

  27. Lucinda

    I learned that if you add a little water, your eggs will be more fluffy.

  28. Savoi

    I learned that scrambling eggs are very easy. You can add whatever you want to make you eggs taste even better!

  29. kristin

    I learned that putting water in your eggs makes them fluffier.

  30. Kamron Munch

    I was surprised at how these eggs turned out. They were fluffy and in smaller pieces because of the water he added.

  31. Andrew E.

    Cooking scrambled eggs is such a easy thing to do and it is is great protein for you.

  32. Rachel Carvalho

    I had no idea that you could mix the cheese in with the eggs before you cooked it – never occurred to me before! 🙂

  33. alaina blackstock

    i learned if you add water to the eggs it will make them thick and fluffy.

  34. william

    i learned that adding the water can help the way eggs turn out like a thickening agent almost.

  35. Austin Whiteley

    Fluffier eggs are the best eggs, im glad to know that adding water to the eggs makes them fluffier!

  36. Leka Labat

    I learned that it is easy to scramble eggs.

  37. kelsey r

    i learned that scrambling eggs was very easy, & putting water in them will make them fluffy.

  38. Olivia Jarriel

    I learned that if you add water to your eggs, they will come out more fluffy

  39. Chase DuCharme

    I learned that if you want the eggs to be fluffier then you should add water to them.

  40. seth moss

    i didnt know you used a teflon pan!?

  41. Daniel Vinson

    i learned to use water instead of milk to make them fluffier.

  42. Kaytlyn 2nd per.

    I learned putting water in eggs would make them fluffier

  43. Ladd Morgan

    I learned I need to know how to cook, sew, and do laundry before college… and now that I have had your class, I only have 2 more to learn!

  44. Mariama

    Wow I wish i would have been there to see my former world history teacher make eggs! but I learned to put water in the eggs to make them more fluffy! good job mr.bedosky!

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