Cheese Biscuits – A Fantastic Lab

Before attempting our second lab making biscuits from scratch I spent two days demonstrating .  One class period I made these Cheese Garlic Drop Biscuits.  They were a hit, but the Cuisinart food processor was a bigger hit.  Many of them had never seen one used and they were fasinated by it. I love my Cuisinart that I have had for at least 25 years.  I have only had to replace the bowl top for $20 otherwise it has been worth the money.  I talked quite a bit about shopping for food processors.  By the way, buy one that will last.  If you get a really good one it will probably outlast you.  The cheaper brands have a smaller motor and will eventually burn up and have to be replaced.    Here is a list to think about when purchasing one.

  1.  It should have at least a 400 watt motor. 
  2. All parts should be dishwasher safe including the blades.
  3. A large feed tube so that a lot of time is not spend cutting food into small pieces to fit in the tube.
  4. These accessories should be included:  cutting blade, kneading blade, shredder, and slicer.
  5. Bowl should have a safety lock.  When the processor is on you should not be able to open the bowl.
  6. Since jobs require such a short time the only speed needed is on off and pulse. 

The next day I made these cheese biscuits from scratch.  Check out this post, too.  I discussed how to make the perfect biscuit.  But, you still have to remember that it takes practice.  Don’t get frustrated and stop trying.  I have thrown my share of mistakes in the trash before getting the product that I wanted. 

Overall my students did a great job the second time making these from scratch biscuits.  Please bear with me.  I thought that I was going to be able to label the kitchen number by writing the picture number on paper.  I must have deleted a picture on my camera. Any way I have no idea whose is whose!  I am just numbering them right now and will edit them when I see my students on Monday.  

Here are the results.  


The Teacher Cooks















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76 responses to “Cheese Biscuits – A Fantastic Lab

  1. Linda Stagner

    This is a great lab. Believe it or not, I did it years ago when I taught Foods and Nutrition at Washington High School in Pensacola. Long before moving to D’ville!

  2. Rod Hill

    yummm…those look delicious!
    1st period Kitchen 4

  3. Darien Green

    1st period Kitchen 4
    I wish had some of those…yummmm 🙂

  4. Ashley Williams

    kitchen 4 1st period
    those look cheesy…lol

  5. Devin Barkley

    kitchen 4 1st period
    That would be a great appetizer 🙂

  6. Tracey Jones

    kitchen 4 1st period
    I’m so proud of you, your biscuits look really good!!

  7. Tamara Harrington

    kitchen 4 1st period
    I tasted the biscuits and they were so goooood!

  8. Asia Rowe

    Kitchen 4 1st period
    I wish i could taste the biscuits…aww man 😦

  9. KhaMaria Jones

    Kitchen 4 1st period
    We worked well together on friday…our kitchen is the best, GOOOOO KITCHEN 4…YAY 🙂

  10. Jessica Headen

    This lab was easy. The biscuits tasted great, but I wish we would have done the Garlic and Chesse biscuits instead.

  11. megan

    kitchen 6 period 1 looks amazing!(:

  12. Vicki

    These look very good, but I’m going to have to go with #6.

  13. Mom

    #6 looks fantastic!

  14. Michaela

    i really like #6! they look great!(:

  15. Kristin

    #6 has my vote!

  16. birgit

    lab #6 has my vote!

  17. philipp

    i also vote for #6

  18. Kayla Daniels

    I learn how to knead the dough.

  19. Rachel Carvalho

    It can be very hard to knead the dough without the right amount of flour!

  20. Mandi 1st block.

    I think that my group did a really good job on this lab! We learned that these biscuits are really fast and easy to make!

  21. Ladd Morgan 1st

    I learned if you want to shred cheese really fast then you can use a food processor and it works really well.

  22. Kamron Munch

    Kneading dough is harder than it looks!

  23. Mai

    Wow Number 10 look great! I would love some of those right now! good job

  24. Jonathan 1st

    the biscuit lab was fun but the kneading of the dough was hard.

  25. avery 1st

    these biscuits were easy to make except kneading the dough.

  26. Brett

    its hard to knead dough perfectly

  27. megan w

    our group worked together really well and learned to put the cheese in before the milk. #6 is the best!

  28. Ethan Way 1st

    These were some good biscuits but i liked how you have to knead the dough and i never knew you could do that to biscuits.

  29. Alexis D. 1st

    These biscuits were really fun to make and I learned that if you flatten the dough out too much and then try and bake the biscuits you will end up with cheese crackers.

  30. Haley VanHoose

    Even though i wasn’t here the whole time, I still think that the buscuits were fun to make. I loved how it was the same easy recipe as regular buscuits but all you have to do is add cheese!

  31. KhaMaria Jones

    The Lab turned out great…we should have flattened the dough more so the biscuits wouldn’t be thick.

  32. KatyB1stBlock

    I liked making cheese biscuits because I learned you can use about as much cheese as you want to. I loved that because I really like cheese 🙂

  33. Abigail Kremer

    These were really good and fun to make, I didn’t know you could use the same biscuit recipe and just add cheese.

  34. Brittanyj

    These biscuits were really good, they were easy to make, and it was fun kneading the dough but you had to be careful not to kneed it too flat then the biscuits wouldn’t rise as high.

  35. Kaytlyn 2nd

    I learnesd that when taking a picture you need to put the food in smaller dishes to make the biscuits pop out in the picture. Also i learned you dont need to put a lot of flour on the dough when you are kneading it!

  36. Jenna Hanson 2nd block

    I learned that you should not add too much milk or else it will be too sticky and harder to knead the dough.

  37. jasmine mccoy

    i learned to put more flour on the doe so it wont stick to yours

  38. william jongema

    i think we worked together more in this lab what we lack is working together more aleast thats just what i think.

  39. shiya "the cookinqq monstah"hargrow

    its good to know that people with long nails shouldn’t knead dough because of germs i didnt know that.

  40. Denisse 2nd block

    The thicker the biscuit the better it tastes. We made both thin and thick biscuits and the thicker ones tasted much better!.

  41. Liz 2nd b.

    I love the biscuits, but they didn’t look so good.
    I learned not to flatten them to much because they will turn out cheese crackers!

  42. Le'Keitha Combs

    I learned that making cheese biscuits is very easy, but putting to much cheese will r uin the recipe. I thought the cheese biscuits came out very well.

  43. Chase DuCharme

    I learned we should slowly add the milk instead of pouring it all in at once, otherwise the dough will be really sticky.

  44. Thomas Harris

    I learned that adding cheese to the recipe makes the dough thicker

  45. Myah Edwards(:*

    I learned that when you add the cheese to the biscuits it made them a different texture from the butter bisquits we made.

  46. sir slatonimore

    i learned how to make garlic butter and it was AH-MAZZZING!!!

  47. The Austin Whiteley

    i learned that if you knead the dough before you add cheese the biscuits still turn out amazing!

  48. # 2 and # 7!

    And didn’t they do a great job?

    Thanks for posting the tips on processors. I sure wish someone would make an inexpensive blender whose motor wouldn’t blow out. I’m no longer buying expensive ones because, even with the utmost care, the motor still blew out.

  49. Kristin

    I learned to mix the cheese with the bisquick before adding milk.

  50. Kateca F

    I learned that cheese could easily burn.

  51. Heather (:

    I learned that if you knead the dough with too much flour that they will come out sorta white on the top!

  52. Taryn 1st

    I learned that it’s not really hard to make these. i also learned how to kneed the dough better.

  53. Bethanie1st

    i learned we should add the milk in slowly instead.

  54. Lucinda H.

    I’ve never used a food processor before but they seem to be useful in the kitchen. Now I know what I have to look for if I ever do buy one.

  55. Mariama

    Our biscuits turned out great kitchen 4! Even though we used pre-grated cheese they were still good but I could still tell that freshly grated cheese have more of a flavor!

  56. Leka Labat

    I learned you have to be careful with the amount of milk you use

  57. Leka Labat

    I learned you have to be careful with the amount of milk you use so the dough wont be that hard to knead.

  58. miya dixon

    Miya Dioxn 2nd per.
    making these biscuits were so much fun! im so happy i learned how to make them .

  59. Mallori M.

    Those were amazing! I learned to not make the biscuits so small but if you do you can put another small piece on top to make it bigger.

  60. Savoi 2nd

    I learned that you have to put the corerct amount of garlic on the biscuits so that you can taste the flavor!

  61. alaina blackstock 2nd

    i learned that using a block of cheese taste better then already shreaded cheese.

  62. Olivia Jarriel

    I learned that using block cheese is better than the cheese already shredded.

  63. kelsey

    i learned if you mix the ingredients & knead the dough then add the cheese, the biscuits still turn out good.

  64. Daniel Vinson

    i learned that you can cut cheese with a food processor

  65. jermaine love

    Personally I think our was the best hahaha just kidding but I learn how to knead dough together for the first time!!!

  66. seth chaaaa mozz

    i learned that using a SHREADDED cheese taste better then cubed cheese.

  67. Brittany M

    Lab went real good in class when we all worked together but when i went home to try it didn’t turn out so well maybe next time

  68. william

    it was a great lab i think that i worked better at doing this particular lab than past ones.

  69. Wow, those look so flaky and yummy.

  70. Mallori

    i learned how to knead dough, It was a great experience. (:

  71. Marlee King

    I learned how to make biscuits from scratch!

  72. RaShunda Stephens

    I learned that block cheese is better to use with this recipie than, shredded cheese.

  73. Tiffani Willis

    I learned how to add a little twist to these biscuits.

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