Pimento Cheese

One of my most favorite sandwiches growing up was pimento cheese.  My mother made the best and I think mine is pretty darn close to hers.. When I went to the beach with my two younger sisters this month I took this for us to enjoy at lunch.   I was reminded by them of picnics consisting of cold fried chicken (which I haven’t made in decades), pimento cheese sandwiches, deviled eggs and sliced tomatoes.  That really conjured up some memories.

Pimento cheese is easy to make.  Don’t you dare buy that horrible stuff that is premade in tubs at the grocery store!   All you need is good sharp cheddar cheese that is grated finely.  Use the small side of a box grater or I prefer to use this.   My mother used hoop cheese, but I use about 10 ounces of  Kraft extra sharp cheddar.

Here is about 4 – 6 ounces of pimento that has been literally smashed with a fork.  I took the pimento out of the jar with a fork discarding the  juice.  Be patient.  It will take a few minutes to get the pimento into very small pieces, but it will be worth your time.  Don’t put this mixture in the food processor. I’ve tried it and am here to tell you that it will not work.  The consistency is just all wrong.

Add about 1/4 cup of Hellman’s mayonnaise.  (Please no Miracle Whip) You may need more or less depending on the moisture content of the cheese and how juicy the pimento are.  Just be careful!  You can always add more mayo, but you can’t take it out.  Season with salt and pepper.  I like to add a couple of dashes of Tabasco sauce to give it a kick.

Stir until nice and creamy.  Store in the refrigerator.  After refrigerating it will be on the stiff side so you must let it sit on the counter for about twenty minutes or it will tear the bread as you are spreading it on.  Don’t put it in the microwave.  I have tried that.  It will ruin it.

Another good way to serve homemade pimento cheese is to grill as you would a grilled cheese.  Try adding some fresh bacon bits to the sandwich before grilling.  It is heavenly! 

I am confessing something that  only you and I know now.  I have been known to sit down with a bag of ruffle potato chips and use this pimento cheese as a dip.  My gosh it is good. 

No matter which way you decide to serve this creamy pimento cheese it will be a hit.

Happy cooking,

The Teacher Cooks



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14 responses to “Pimento Cheese

  1. Oh! This pimento cheese look so tasty…absolutely great for the Summer…love the color of it…beautiful!

  2. Erin

    This is exactly the way my mother made pimento cheese and the way that I carry on the tradition. It is sooo good. I also have used it as dip on Ruffles!
    I really enjoy your recipes and blog.

  3. A favorite of mine too, Wanda. But I haven’t made it in years! Going to copy your recipe and serve it at a tea I’m giving in Sept.

  4. oh yes, i’m among the fans of the humble pimento cheese sandwich. i think your version is superb! and as a chip dip? EXCELLENT idea. 🙂

  5. Molly Busacca

    Hello! I just wanted you to know that my children have been doing tennis drills with your son. I mentioned that we liked to cook and his eyes lit up! He directed me to your blog – after speaking very highly of you and your accomplishments. The blog is fantastic – we will definitely try some of your recipes. More importantly, I was touched at the love and pride your son has for you. We will watch over him here in Bakersfield!


    Molly Busacca

  6. jancd

    Well, I could not get your pimento cheese recipe out of my mind yesterday and this morning, so I had to make it. It is so simple, yet delicious. Thank goodness my husband does not like it–the more for me!! Ritz crackers and pimento cheese is the perfect snack or small meal. Perfect. Thank you for reminding me of this little treat.

  7. Love pimento anything! Looks great!

  8. Diana

    My mom used to make the best pimento cheese with cream cheese. I know it’s not “light”, but oh, it was so good! I love good pimento cheese, and this recipe of yours looks delicious.

  9. KatyB.Block1

    I love Pimento Cheese! We should make some this semester!

  10. ANISSA2:D


  11. Until maybe a year ago, I had never heard of Pimento Cheese … and I still haven’t had it. But after reading your post – which totally demystified it for me – I might just try it. Sounds yum!

  12. I’ve always wondered what was in pimento cheese! This was very exciting for me to read!

  13. Great recipe. So simple. This is the plain formula my mom taught me. Only two things I do differently. I’m a fan of Duke’s because of it’s nice tartness, but since it has no sugar like the Hellman’s and Ann Page (!) I grew up with, so I add a teeny, tiny pinch. And to address that hard-when-cold factor, I make it spreadable at any temp by adding 4 oz cream cheese and kneed the mixture by hand. You’ll be AMAZED how that small addition melds the flavors and makes it smooth-spreading.

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