Watermelon, Tomato, and Basil

Where have I been?   For the last two weeks I have really been busy.  I took a trip to south Georgia with a good friend of mine and I came back with three and a half bushels of peas.  That was a job!  Then I took a beach trip with my two younger sisters.  We had a great time and I did not want to leave the sand, water, sun and the peace. It was so relaxing!  Now with just two weeks left and I will be a working girl again.  But I am not blogging about the end of the summer yet.  I’ve got two weeks!! 

I love summer for so many reasons.  Free time, no stress, tomatoes, okra, blueberries, peas, basil, watermelon, squash and the list goes on. There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than a cold piece of sweet watermelon.  As a child I spent many hours in the backyard eating  watermelon with juice running down my chin and spitting black seeds as far as I could.  Then running through the sprinkler to get off all the stickiness or squirting each other with the hose.  What fun!   But now I am all grown up. Really.

Here is watermelon that is more sophisticated.  Fresher.  A little salty.  Clean.  Easy.  A perfect appetizer for a summer meal.  I was quite surprised about the wonderful flavor of something so simple.  Now you try it.  Choose a sweet watermelon and pair it with your best summer tomato.  When I made these the summer tomatoes were not here, but now no excuse.  Basil, there is no better summer culinary herb. I love the strong sweet pungent smell of the leaves even as you break them .  Choose the smallest leaves, put it all together on a skewer and sprinkle with kosher salt.  Summer on a stick!

I got this great idea from here.  Check out some of the others.  Another favorite is the sweet red peppers stuffed with goat cheese.  Yum!

Happy Cooking,

The Teacher Cooks



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57 responses to “Watermelon, Tomato, and Basil

  1. I could eat these all day! Yum! They look delicious. I have never had watermelon with tomatoes. Yeah! Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!

  2. Those are some super ideas, Wanda, and simple too! I have watermelon nearly every day..

    And did you have to shell three and a half bushels of peas? OMG. What a job!

    • theteachercooks

      No Barbara. I bought them shelled. I have shelled many bushels before and just washing, blanching and packaging was enough.

  3. What pretty skewers – we just grilled veggie skewers two nights ago, but I have never thought of fruit skewers. Our garden basil is overflowing, so I will have to make use of these ideas. ( :

  4. What a terrific recipe! So simple. Makes me wish I had guests coming for dinner tonight so I could delight them with this little treat. Fun! Might have to delight only my husband, instead.

  5. KatyBurger

    The smell of basil is strongest when you crack the leaves.

  6. Dacia King

    This seems like a great summer snack and a great way to end the summertime.

  7. Kateca

    Tomatoes and watermelons? Thats an interesting combination

  8. Nicole Fasick

    Tomatos and watermelon don’t sound like they go together.

  9. Jessica Headen

    This is simple. I saw a recipe very similar to this on a season of Top Chef, I believe it was New York not sure.

  10. Mandi Mills

    This is a great cold snack to have in the summer!

  11. Alexis D. 1st

    This makes a great cold treat during the summer!:)

  12. jonathan 1st

    instead of tomatos can you but strawberrys

  13. caitlin coxwell

    Instead of tomatoes, can you use cherries?

  14. Megan 1st

    I’m not a fan of tomatoes at all, so I’d have to substitute. But it looks really good and a real good idea.

  15. avery 1st

    i learned that basil is actually a leaf

  16. Brittany M. 1st block

    Could u mix another fruit with it instead of a totmato?

  17. Kristin 1st

    I learned that there is better summer culinary herb than basil.

  18. Brett Baxley

    Do tomatoes and watermelon really go together? I’ve never heard of that combination before.

  19. Ladd 1st period

    I learned the nice herb taste of the basil makes for a nice contrasting taste with the sweet juicy watermelon.

  20. cody griggs

    i learned that you can put watermelon and tomatos together, two things i really love to eat and when you put them together they just sound not very appealing

  21. Bethanie 1st

    I don’t think watermelon and tomatos go together.

  22. Lucinda H.

    I never thought of eating watermelon and tomatoes together but it seems like an interesting combination.

  23. Jessica Turner

    I think it would be even better if u added more fruit and it would be a great yummy summer treat!

  24. Heather (:

    Watermellon is really sweet and i dont think that it would go well with tomatos!!!!

  25. olivia

    I learned that you can add salt to the watermelon to make it taste better.

  26. Abigail Kremer

    I wouldn’t ever think of putting watermelon with tomato’s, but I would be willing to try it.

  27. nick finley

    this looks nice but i dont think i would like eating all these at the same time

  28. Brittany J

    They look yummy! i would’ve never have thought to put tomatos and watermelon together.

  29. Kaytlyn 2nd

    Watermelon and tomato should taste really good together and should be a very good summertime snack.

  30. alex head

    that is kind of an odd combination but i would like to try it. it looks very tasty.

  31. Chase Ducharme

    I learned that something so simple can make a delicious appetizer and a great way to impress your friends.

  32. Adam

    I wouldn’t think that watermelons and tomatoes go together either, I guess I’d have to try them for myself. None-the-less, good job!

  33. Thomas Harris

    I would have never thought of putting those two together but it sounds very good

  34. Summer B.

    I find it to be a strange combination, but im sure the flavor would be very nice (: cant judge if you havent tried it and hopefully i will soon.

  35. Leka 2nd

    It looks like a good treat to eat in the summer!

  36. slaten 2nd period

    i learned that you can still make good food with a simple recipe!

  37. Jenna Hanson

    I learned that watermelon, tomatoes and basil on a stick are a good summer mix to eat. I might try that sometime in the next few weeks.

  38. Savoi 2nd

    This looks veryyy interesting I’ve never heard of it before, but the watermelon looks good!!!

  39. Daniel Vinson 2nd

    i’ve never heard of watermelons and tomatoes together but it sounds delicious

  40. alaina blackstock 2nd period

    i dont think watermelon & tomatoes sound very good together but it looks alright. i might have to try them one day.

  41. Austin Whiteley

    Eh these look pretty good! But i dont think those foods go together in my mind!

  42. will

    this was a great idea i think that its good using tomato and watermelon like this.

  43. Elizabeth 2nd period

    it sounds very strange, but the colors of it makes it look good.

  44. Denisse 2nd period

    i love eating watermelon and tomatoes too but i never thought that you could eat them together!.

  45. Le'Keitha 2nd block

    I love watermelon a this recipe is something that i would love to do but how does it taste with the tomatoes


    I love salt on my watermelon

  47. shiya"the cookinqq monstah" hargrow

    this is something very very new i havent seen this before. it looks very healthy and something new to add to a barbeque.

  48. jermaine love

    i love the way the watermelon is set up on a stick it sort looks like shish kebobs!!

  49. anissa g beason 2

    don`t like tomato

  50. Jamal 2nd pd

    wow thats different, its probabily good

  51. Sameena F. 1st period

    I would never think to put these two foods together, but I’m sure they compliment each other well!

  52. Mariama Jallow

    I’ve Never thought of eating watermelons and tomatoes on a shish kebob! but now that I see it, it really does look quite refreshing! Summer’s not over so I can’t wait to try this unique yet simple new recipe!

  53. KhaMaria Jones

    I would have never thought to put those foods together!…yum!

  54. Mallori Mcdowell

    I didnt think that those flavors would ever go together. Im sure i would love it cause i love both watermelon and tomatos. (:

  55. Kamron M

    I didn’t know that something that looks that good would be so easy to make!

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