Frozen Creams with Strawberries


After making this I had some heavy cream  just sitting in my  refrigerator calling out to me every time I opened the door. Frozen creams are one of my favorites.  I love this dessert. Whipped cream and strawberries are the perfect match in so many ways. It is rich, creamy, decadent and yet so simple.   It is the perfect dessert for any meal.   Now with the temperature heating up this frozen delight will hit the spot.  And you could not ask for anything so easy.  If you can whip cream you can make this. 

It is also versatile with endless toppings.  You could use most any fruit that you have available.  Blueberries would be a great choice or fresh apricots with toasted almonds. My mouth waters just thinking about cranberries with oranges, sugar and  toasted pecans.  And more decadence could be orange marmalade with shaved chocolate.  My gracious the list could go on and on.  Create your own special piece of heaven.


Frozen Creams 

  • 1 8- oz. cream cheese
  • 1 cup sifted powdered sugar
  • 2 cups of whipping cream ( I used heavy)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla or almond extract

Beat cream cheese until smooth.  Blend in powdered sugar.  Add whipping cream and extract. Mix thoroughly. 

There is a fine line when beating whipping cream.  Just mix until the ingredients are no longer lumpy and separating.  If whipped too long  the result could be butter.

Pour into 8 paper lined muffin tins and freeze.

Remove paper liners before serving.  Spoon fresh fruit over the top.  I cut strawberries and sprinkled a little sugar over them to form the juice.  Also they will be easier to eat if they sit out for about 15 minutes.    


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7 responses to “Frozen Creams with Strawberries

  1. This looks so simple, beautiful and delicious. I have been so busy and tired it’s been hard for me to check all the sites I like to visit – so many of the posts I see look wonderful – I need to go through each of them!

  2. What a great summer dessert. Looks terrific!

  3. I agree, Wanda. And it’s lovely to look at besides. My MIL used to make a divine dessert called Strawberries Romanoff. YUM!

  4. but this is so easy! how could i possibly have lived these 27 years without knowing this existed? my goodness, it’s marvelous–THANKS for sharing!

  5. Savoi ( 2nd )

    I love strawberries it looks so good!!

  6. carmen g

    i love strawberries and this looks very simple to make! i learned that if you whip the whipping cream too long it could turn into butter!

  7. Jordan Griffin 2nd block

    i learned that if it’s whipped too long it could be butter.

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