My Banana Pudding was Trumped!!

Here are the results of the Banana  Pudding lab and I will say they were outstanding!  The first time in a loooong time all the meringue was perfect.  We only used two extra eggs for a couple  that had a little trouble separating them.    I was extremely pleased.  

They were also pleased with their results and eager to share the leftovers with other teachers and friends.  

You take a look and see what you think.  If you want to give it a try yourself  check out the directions here



I like this!

This was perfect!

Love this presentation!


This is really fancy!

Look at that meringue piled high!

Great job especially with just the 2 of you!

Eye Catching Presentation!

This was delicious and what a nice way to serve it!


What a mess! The next time it was perfect! Way to go!

The Teacher Cooks



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32 responses to “My Banana Pudding was Trumped!!

  1. Tori Bowen

    I’m shocked every time Tyler and I pull off something this good(: Kitchen 4 2nd Block

  2. They did a good job, didn’t they? I love the presentation with the nilla wafers all around the plate and also the one served in the glass.
    (The Gypsy Chef served her version of my recipe in those lovely white ceramic soup bowls. Very striking.)
    Good work from your class!

  3. Alexis A

    I learned that separating egg yolks and egg whites is harder then it looks. It really does take practice!

  4. mike "da beast"

    i learned how to seperate(and destroy) an egg yolk from an egg white

  5. Aaron

    I learned that NEVER let Mike crack eggs.

  6. Bethany 1st period

    I never knew how to make meringue and now I do:) And I learned how to separate the eggs right. This was so good too:)

  7. Rachel S.

    I learned how to make a meringue out of the egg whites and how to properly separate an egg yolk from an egg white.

  8. chasitywilson

    i learned how to make pudding i a double boiler

  9. Tatiana G

    I learn how to make meringue. I did not know that you only use egg whites and a little bit a yolk can ruin it

  10. anna 1st

    i learned how to make a whipped topping with eggs and sugar

  11. Marianna

    I learned that you should use intensive care when holding your dish or else it will slip. (luckily Abby’s super hero instincts saved ours) 🙂

  12. shalynne w.

    I learned how to make Banana Pudding, and some good ways to present it.

  13. tommie 1st

    I learned that Abby has fast reflexes!!:) I really learned hoe to seperate egg yolks and egg whites.

  14. Brittany-1st block.

    I learned that you cook pudding in a double boiler! I also learned that you need to separate the egg yolk from the egg white and it’s NOT easy!

  15. kamryn-1st period

    I learned it was very hard to separate the egg yolk from the egg white !

  16. tyrone

    i learned how to make a meringue and separate an egg too

  17. Tyler D. Burnett

    I learned when there are less people on the job the responsibility is heavier, but in the end the sense of self gratification is unlike any other. thank you Mrs. lupo for providing us with this oppurtunity.

  18. Tori Bowen

    Well I learned that you add the sugar to the egg whites when they are already thick.

  19. tania

    i learned that you have to separate the eggs.

  20. Lexxi J

    I learned that you can make meringue just by using the egg whites and whipping it together.

  21. Sarah J.

    I learned how to separate the egg whites from the yolk.

  22. Naomi Henry

    i learned how to seperate egg whites and egg yolks.

  23. amber gillis

    i learned its alot harder to make then you think
    i never knew that meringue was only eggs whites and sugar

  24. kim s

    i learned that you have to separate the eggs

  25. erika

    i learned that you can make hot banana pudding to not just cold i never knew you could make it like that but it was a great exprience !

  26. Levi Atkinson

    How could i forget the banana pudding, this was cooked beautifully and prepared to perfection.

  27. Vaida R.

    I learned that getting the egg whites isn’t always as easy as the time before. It is very difficult to get the egg whites just right every time, that’s why it was important to learn to have a custard cup to put one egg white in at a time!

  28. Callie C.

    I never knew making banana pudding from scratch was so easy! It only takes about 45mins.

  29. cynthia

    i leanred you make merrange out of egg whites ! (:

  30. RadianceM

    I learned that this banana pudding is not like my mom’s but it was good I guess lol 🙂

  31. Wow! Everyone did great! Looks like you have a wonderful group of kids.

  32. Chelsea Maxwell

    I learned how to separate egg whites form the egg yolk.

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