The Great American Bake Sale

As a teacher I know first hand how hunger can affect a child’s ability to learn. Some of you reading this do not realize that children go to school hungry every day!  It is had to believe, but it does happen.  So what happens in the summer when these children do not have breakfast and lunch that is provided by the Free Lunch program?  This is where we can help.  Please take a minute and contribute money for this great cause.  I would love to see you at the bake sale, but if not see the details below and contribute on-line.  You know you could really make a difference in a child’s life!    

Next Saturday I will be participating in America’s rally around Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale to end childhood hunger.  This is a national organization working to end childhood hunger in the United States, presented by Domino Sugar and C&H Sugar.  Share our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale is a national effort that encourages individuals to help end childhood hunger by holding bake sales in their communities. 

In part of the effort, the first annual National Food Bloggers’ Bake Sale will be held on April 17.  Organized by Gaby Dalkin of, food bloggers from across the country will unite to support the cause by holding bake sales in their states.  You as readers have the opportunity to taste the baked goods from your favorite food blogs at each state’s bake sale location.  

Here in the Atlanta area the sale will happen Saturday, April 17th from 9 am – 1 pm at Cabbagetown Market ( thanks to Lisa Hanson) in the heart of the Cabbagetown area of Atlanta.  Since off-street parking is not the best, the nice folks at Agave Restaurant have donated the use of their parking lot during the day.  It’s less than a block walk to the Cabbagetown Market.  To sweeten the deal a bit, Agave has agreed to give a $10 off coupon to each person who makes a purchase at the Bake Sale!     Thanks to Agave!

I hope to see you there!  If you have other plans please take a minute and visit this site that Tami(  has set up for contributions.   And remember that nearly 17 million children are facing hunger in America.  Share Our Strength helps with after school programs as well as summer programs.  Please help us to reach our goal! For more information check out these sites or

I will be  sharing with you some of the treats that will be available on Saturday.  Stay tuned!

Happy cooking,

The Teacher Cooks



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31 responses to “The Great American Bake Sale

  1. anna 1st

    I think that volunteering is a great way to help those in need who are less fortunate than you. Whether it be donating money or volunteering your time with an organization.

  2. Alexis A

    When it comes to children, I am always willing to help. I believe service is a major way to show love to others by helping them. Volunteer work is so much more rewarding then getting paid, because you know that what you just did went to a great cause and you feel so much better afterwards! 🙂

  3. chasity wilson

    volunteering is very important to me . volunteering is like giveing others support in their situations. volunteering is a great thing to do to help others in need and to me it a way to show you care and give those people a chance to live life with hope others will do the same .

  4. tommie 1st period

    I think that voluteering is a good thing because you help people that needs help. You feel great afterwards! I know I did when i voluteered for beta club!:)

  5. Rachel s.

    Volunteering is a great thing for someone to do! Volunteering for even just one day could change someone’s life. It feels great after you have volunteered to help someone in need.(:

  6. Haylee W

    This is awesome. I’m very happy that people go and volunteer to help others. It really shows the kindness in their hearts 🙂

  7. Aaron Vantrees

    Volunteering to help feed kids that have no food is a good deed person with heart. It takes courage, iron will, and compassionate people to help volunteer events to save lives and help people who have lost their hope and faith.

  8. Chelsea M

    I try to help everyone i possibly can. I love to volunteer doing things for a cause like this. I cant stand to see anyone suffer, especially not children. Every year i raise money for the relay for life. It makes me feel better as a person to know that i done my part and helped somone. I use to donate all my clothes that i couldn’t wear anymore to children in need. I see it this way, if i was in that position i would want someone to volunteer and help me like i volunteer to help them. And who knows, sometime in my life i could be in that position.

  9. danielle

    I think volunteering is very important. If there were no volunteers, some of the puppies in a shelter would be put down, the homeless wouln’t have anywhere to go to get food, the under privileged families don’t have enough money to get school supplies and things for their children. That’s why there are volunteers to help all these people. And to me that is very important.

  10. abby

    I think voluntering is a great way to help people who are less fortunate than you!! You get a great feeling after you have helped all those people! =)

  11. Radiance M

    I think that this an awesome thing to do and I think that they would really appreciate this!

  12. Andre Carter

    2 THURSDAYS ago I Volunteered to participate in helping in the special olympics. In doing so, i really enjoyed myself. I was paired up with an eight year old special needs child. He was a blast. We participated im the 100 meter run and he got 2nd place. I really enjoyed myself and he made me feel like I had accomplished something.

  13. amber gillis

    i enjoy that little happiness you get when volunteering with less fortunate my church and i get together every saturday to do feeding and it is the best feeling in the world to meet these people and hear the stories they have and the fact you made their day by sharing lunch or dinner with them … i thank you for being a helper to those in need

  14. erika

    I think voluntering is a great way to help people who are less fortunate and can’t buy the things we can.. and its good for the heart to help the people who can’t do for them selves as well as their kids and it makes you feel good after you done helped somebody.

  15. Sarah J.

    I think volunteering is very important; everybody should try and help out the less fortunate. It is not only good and makes everybody look at you different but you will feel good about yourself knowing that you made a difference. 🙂

  16. Naomi

    I think voluntering is a great way to give back. When you volunter people appreciate it alot and you make end up changing thier lives.

  17. heather

    i think it is a great thing to do. i have helped at soldiers angels. i left feeling great and proud that i help send things to our soldiers overseas.

  18. yvonne mcgregor

    i think its great to volunter. its important because it helps others and helps you become a better person. it also makes you aware and grateful for what you got.

  19. Cynthia I

    i think voluntering is important because it shows that even with your life a responsiblities you can still take control ; do something for your community. Plus it lets the people without any workexperience get to work somewhere for a good cause ! 🙂

  20. courtney e

    I think that volunteering is important because you can learn many life lessons and gain work experience for your future.

  21. tania

    i think its important to volunteer because its something youre doing to help out the community and people and at the same time it makes you feel like you did a good deed.

  22. kim s

    i think volunteering is important because it helps others and it makes them feel good and you feel good too.

  23. Such a great cause – I’m so glad people are stepping up to help.

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  25. I love seeing all these bake sale posts! I can’t wait until Saturday (i’m working on the one in michigan!), but I”m kind of nervous about it too! 🙂

  26. A marvelous idea..I don’t think anyone is doing it in our little town and wish I could come to yours!

  27. That is great that you are doing this bake sale. I hope to be able to participate next year.

  28. this is such a wonderful idea–i certainly hope things went well for you yesterday and that you give us a full report!

  29. kamryn 1st

    i think this is a great idea. children need as much help as they can get. it is unfortunate that some of us dont have food like the rest of us.

  30. What a great way to support your community! Helping with food and school supplies helps those little ones tremendously!

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