Vegetable Pizza


Here is the winner!

We are making vegetable pizza today in class.  Really it is salad on top of rolls with some original Ranch Dressing.  Very good!!

 The lab today was one of the best!  All was quiet on the work front as the students were dicing and slicing.  The results were fantastic as you can see.

Not all are created equal when working in the kitchen.  Some know very little and some know a lot.  With this in mind I try to give out as much information as I can to help the know very little.  Today it was all about buying, storing and preparing fresh vegetables with the accent on lettuce. 

The trick is to wash the lettuce at least a day ahead.  Wash in cold water and let it drain really well.  Wrap in paper towel and store in a ziplock bag,  It will keep for a week.  This works well with Romaine, Greenleaf and Redleaf lettuces. 

I rarely use Iceberg lettuce maybe for a  wedge.  For storing iceberg take the core out by hitting on the counter and give it a turn.  It comes out easily.  Run cold water where the core was, turn over shake the water out and let it drain.  Store in a lettuce keeper or in a bag with paper towel. 

Enough about lettuce.  Here is how to put together the Vegetable pizza which is a great appetizer to serve at  a holiday party having a lot of green and red!

Chopped vegetables

Chop vegetables of your choice with lettuce as the base

Use 8 oz. of softened cream cheese and mix part or all of a packet of the Original Hidden Ranch dressing mix.  I only use 1/2 the packet.  The flavor is very intense.  Make it to your liking.

Cream cheese on cooled crescent rolls

Ready to spread the cream cheese

Ahead of time bake two packages of crescent on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Just take your finger and lightly press the edges of the rolls together.  Bake according to the package and let them cool completely.   Dot with the cream cheese mixture.

Spreading the cream cheese

Just a thin layer of cream cheese

 Next put your lettuce then all other chopped vegetables of your choice.  Here is the finished product!

2nd Place

Voted as the second best by the viewers!

Happy cooking,

The Teacher Cooks



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72 responses to “Vegetable Pizza

  1. Brooke Maryniak

    It looks like 2nd period 4th kitchen had the best pizza! It looks really good, and it tasted awesome! 🙂

  2. Ashley Maryniak

    These look delicious, but I think that 1st period kitchen 3 should win! Their pizza looks amazing!

  3. Kim Jones

    I would like to vote for kitchen 4 in 2nd period. Their picture is original and the pizza looks really good! I can’t wait to try this at home!

  4. Leslie Stewart

    The table that won looks really good. But ours did taste amazing. 🙂

  5. Yesica Melchor

    All the pictures came out great, but i have to say that 2nd block kitchen 4 was the best!

  6. Brooke Maryniak

    I wish it was easier to spread the cream cheese and ranch on the pizza, but it was still really good!

  7. ashley

    I didnt eat it, but it looks yummy!

  8. brooke davidson

    The veggie pizza was better than I thought it was going to be. I liked ours because we did not have as much cream cheese.

  9. chanz mcgarity

    they were ok but not better than yours

  10. Shane Davis

    This was a lot better than i thought it would be

  11. Allie

    I loved making this. In fact I’m making it for thanksgiving for some of my family members And for dessert? Fruit Pizza! I thought uniformity would be nice, haha.

  12. imari daniels

    it tasted better than i expected it to.

  13. Erin

    This is definitely not what I was expecting. I like the fact that it’s easy to make and not very many people have heard of this before.

  14. Elizabeth

    I’m not much of a veggie person, but this was actually pretty descent.

  15. zuleima pacheco

    o sees that this delicious one not as it knows but fodder that of knowing and rich to the perfect decoration and that delicious vegetables sees that he is easy and very rich I hope to prove it jeje so that not estube they isiseron when it thus is that mmm are rich

  16. Parker

    it was good but it had a little to much lettuce for me.

  17. blakely

    This was actually good. but i like the regular ranch in a bottle better.

  18. Hanna

    i thought this was going to be nasty but it turned out pretty good!

  19. Evan major

    I actually was suprised at how good this was im going to try to make it sometime at my house.

  20. Ashley Kendrick

    This was really easy to make and surprisingly it was very tasty!

  21. Ashley Maryniak

    This vegetable pizza was amazing! It was very easy to make.

  22. Uniqua Dortch

    🙂 When first making these, i hadn’t planned on eating it, but im glad i did because it was yummy.
    Making the pizza was a fun process, a fun way to use team work

  23. Jennifer Pham

    Once again… WE WON!!!!!!!!! This recipe was very simple and easy for anyone to make. 🙂

  24. Brittany F.

    who woulda thought you could make pizza with just veggies and cream cheese

  25. Ana

    It was good and i really liked the ranch.

  26. Uniqua Dortch

    When first making these, i hadn’t planned on eating it, but im glad i did because it was yummy.
    Making the pizza was a fun process, a fun way to use team work.

  27. Savannah Cole

    When we made this pizza i didn’t think it was going to be that good, but i actually like it alot

  28. Taylor Roddy

    I was absent for this but it looks pretty easy to make, ill have to try it at home.

  29. Jessica Noble

    I really only liked the cream cheese and ranch spread on the crescent roles that was amazing:).

  30. ariel smith

    this was very delicious! im gonna make this at home 🙂

  31. The veggie. pizza was great!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  32. taylor d

    i wish i was there to make this sounds good

  33. lesley baxley

    ahwww i love the vegie pizza….i usually try to make the stuff at home but they never come out as pretty and tasty, maybe its alina’s great touch :))

  34. Isata

    this was kind of good.

  35. it tasted just as good as it looks!

  36. kenny

    the vegetable pizza was very good

  37. Trevor Brazel

    The vegetable pizza tasted good, but i kept burbing broccoli all day long. I like broccoli but it did not go along with me that day.

  38. ariel smith

    this is my favorite recipe that we’ve done in this class. it is very delicious and i enjoyed making it with my group 🙂

    table 5, ist period is the best! ! ! ! 🙂

  39. Lindsey Hale

    It doesn’t even look like a pizza ha. but i bet this tastes really good i’ve never tries one it looks healthy.

  40. Bethany B. 1st

    I learned how to arrange the different colored vegetables to make it look pretty and appetizing.

  41. Bethany B. 1st

    how to arrange the different colored vegetables to make it look pretty.

  42. Chelsea M

    I learned that people actually eat this!

  43. danielle

    i was afraid it wouldn’t taste good with the cream cheese and dry ranch, but it tasted really good:)

  44. Haylee W

    I learned that you can make your own ranch dressing, and it’s healthier than the ones you buy in stores. 🙂

  45. Brittany - 1st period.

    I learned that you can make your own ranch dressing, and you make it from powder ranch and cream cheese.

  46. anna 1st

    This pizza was amazing! I learned that you can use cream cheese and powdered ranch instead of premade ranch and it tastes just as good! Probably better.

  47. Alexis A

    I learned that there are different types of lettuce and each has a different process in storing it.

  48. Aaron V.

    I learned that you can make pizza practically out of anything and still taste good and healthy.

  49. Rachel S.

    I learned to wash lettuce a day ahead before serving.

  50. Tatiana G 1st period

    I really like this because it was tasty and healthy. I learn how to make ranch dressing in a way its better than the processed one.

  51. chasitywilson

    i learned pizza could be this healthy and taste good

  52. tommie 1st

    I learned there are so many different types of lettuce.

  53. Abby T.

    i learned that you can use vegetables to make a fun, good, healthy pizza.

  54. Tyrone

    i learned how to make your own ranch dressing

  55. Marianna

    I learned that you can make Ranch dressing instead the of the Ranch in the bottle.

  56. amy w

    I learned that you can make a simple to serve & delicious sald by making it similar to a pizza!

  57. Vaida R

    It was knew learning that if you take the core of the lettuce out and run cold water where it was, it cleans the lettuce better.

  58. Levi Atkinson

    This vegetable pizza tricked me i learned that i cant judge a book by its cover because i didnt think this would be good at all but it turned out to be great and i loved it. I learned that cream cheese is very good on bread

  59. erika

    i learned that you can add as many vegetables as you like and it will still come out good.

  60. Lexxi J

    I learned that you can make homemade ranch dressing with just a packet of ranch and cream cheese, mayonnaise, or water.

  61. Sarah J

    I learned that you can use a crescent roll as the crust for your veggie pizza.

  62. Naomi

    I learned you can use a ranch mix instead of buying ranch dressing.

  63. courtney e

    i learned in class that you can put your bread in the freezer right out of the oven and it wont ruin it 🙂

  64. yvonne mcgregor

    this was great i learned that you can use any vegetable to make this.

  65. tania

    i learned that lettuce should be washed, wrapped in paper towel, and then stored in a zip lock.

  66. Tori B. 2nd

    I learned that you can mix the packet of ranch with cream cheese to make it more flavorful.

  67. Sasha W.

    I learned that this is a very healthy and easy way for kids to eat healthier. It’s a very colorful pizza and kids would love it!

  68. kim s.

    i found out that you can add dry ranch to cream cheese to make the sauce

  69. cynthia I

    I learned that you can use any type of veggie on your pizza to make it creative with a delight taste.

  70. RadianceM

    I learned that this is more like a salad than a pizza

  71. Callie C.

    I learned that you can make pizza practically out of anything.

  72. Kamryn 1st

    I learned that you can use cream cheese and a packet of ranch for the dressing.

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