With whipped cream

9 responses to “With whipped cream

  1. shantrell

    looks good…….. i love whipped cream

  2. Uniqua Dortch

    Okay, Im so hungry right about now.
    Looking at this cake sure isn’t making it any better because it looks so delicious.
    I hope that we can eventually make this in class because i love sweet potatoe and whipped cream.

  3. tinnia adams

    ohhhh this looks really
    i would love to taste this one day
    wow mrs. you are really good at cooking

  4. ariana h

    humm this looks really great.

  5. Shane davis

    O my mrs. once again your stellar cooking skills have made me hungry

  6. ashley

    looks delicious! whip cream on potatoes? never saw that before !! gotta try it one day (:

  7. kenny

    it looks good i’ve never had sweet potatoe anything

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