Park Avenue Bars – Wonderful!

8 responses to “Park Avenue Bars – Wonderful!

  1. Dakota Clayton

    It makes me think of a congo bar

  2. yumm ! these look really great !

  3. jessica

    These look like something my grandma would make they look so delicious. Even though i do not like pecans they look very good.

  4. kenny

    they look very good! i might try cookin them some time

  5. tinnia adams

    that look great and yummy

  6. Uniqua Dortch

    These look so good.
    I cant hardly imagine what they actually taste like.
    As good as they look, they look simple to make.
    Definitely, something i wouldn’t mind making on my own time.

  7. shantrell Wilcher

    these look delicious…… and fun to make……
    maybe i will try making these one day

  8. Isata

    I don’t really like cream cheese unless its on bagels so i dont think i would try to make these at home but they look good…

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