Muffins and Getting to Know Your Kitchen

Lemon Poppyseed MuffinsToday was the first demo of the semester.  I made muffins from a box. ” Why?”  So you think I  should be making these from scratch.  I will later. This is a great way for the students to get to know who they will be working with, get familiar with their kitchen and figure out exactly how they will be graded.  They all want to make the perfect product and are most eager to hear what I have to say after I taste!!  

Notice that one of these muffins is really peaked!!  I promise I did not overmix them.  I am guessing that I put a little more batter in than I should have.  The rest are rounded as they should be. 

The first lab of the semester is always interesting.  I have a great variety of students some of which cook everyday and others that have only had the experience of eating in a kitchen. 

Will be posting pictures of tomorrow’s  pieces of work!!! Until then,

Happy Cooking,

The Teacher Cooks



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90 responses to “Muffins and Getting to Know Your Kitchen

  1. brooke davidson

    Those muffins were wonderful! 🙂

  2. Brandi Bradford

    I definitely think I’m going home today and making muffins (: They sound great right now.

  3. Tatiana Guerrier

    I always wanted to make muffins from scratch but I thought it would be difficult. This seems simplier and I would like to try this

  4. Danielle Rogers

    Those muffins look really yummy!:)

  5. Alexis Aylworth

    Seeing these muffins reminded me of when I went to California. We ate muffins at my Grandparent’s house. It is cool house cooking can bring back memories.

  6. Ashley Smallwood

    Looking at all of these muffins is really making me want to go cook some. They look absolutely delicious! 🙂

  7. Haylee Wise

    Those muffins look great! 🙂

  8. Brittany Pirkle

    Since it’s only morning, muffins sound great right now (: I might just go make some when I get home!

  9. Marianna Martin

    If I had one word to describe how those muffins look it would be, “scrumptious”.

  10. Shalynne W.

    Your muffins look very delightful; and i can not wait to try cooking it for myself!!!!

  11. tommie harris

    These muffins look delicious!!! Would like to go home and make these muffins for my dad and brother!!!!!!

  12. Rachel Smeltzer

    These muffins look so good! Muffins sounds really good right now…(:

  13. matthew

    They are Vary good Blueberry Muffins

  14. Bethany Bowlin

    These muffins look so good! They’re making me really hungry and I definitely want them:)

  15. Mike "Da Beast" Neal

    if i could cook i would make these!!!

  16. Aaron Vantrees

    This muffins, just like the blueberry muffins they look great. No matter what muffin it is it’s welcome to my table. Though they almost look like lemon muffins too, but either way I could me a basket of these and eat them all…mmm mmm.

  17. tyrone

    I can’t wait till i can cook it myself.

  18. abby

    I love muffins, they are a great start for getting to know my kitchen.

  19. This is so not cool mrs. lupo you’re making me hungry =). I haven’t had lunch yet…

  20. Tori Bowen

    I’m excited to make these muffins in class.

  21. I always wanted to make muffins from scratch…. But it NEVER comes out right!! Hopefully in this class i can FINALLY learn how!!!

  22. Lexus Jackson

    I have never made muffins, I’m more of a cupcake fan. But now I want to go home and try these.

  23. heather

    Are the muffins not suppose to peak like that?

  24. Naomi Henry

    I cant wait to make muffins in class.

  25. Tania Ibarra

    The muffins look very good and now they are making me hungry lol

  26. Courtney Edwards

    I didn’t know that muffins could get too big from overmixing them. I guess you learn something new everyday!:P

  27. yvonne mcgregor

    those look tasty but do you have to add blueberries only or can you add something esle to it?

  28. kim stone

    i’m starving right now and those look amazing! wish i had some.

  29. Sarah Jeffery

    I saw these muffins and they looked amazing. 🙂 I’ve never made muffins from scratch before so I am very anxious to go home and see how it works out.

  30. Amy Willoughby

    I didnt know muffins could look wrong, peaked or rounded or whatever!

  31. Chelsea Maxwell

    I believe i am going to go home and cook some of these this afternoon!! They look yummy!

  32. Erika Clark

    These Muffins look great i can’t wait to make them this Semester ! 🙂

  33. Sasha Wharwood

    i think this is a great breakfast treat!! i would love to try this with vanilla ice-cream & strawberries to make a fantastic & healthy way to start a bright morning day!!!!!:)

  34. Justin Noseworthy

    I wish i had some of these muffins, they look amazing!

  35. Andre.C

    You are a wonderful cook and I bet your family calls on you for to bake every special occasion that they want to serve desserts.

  36. Lawrence Milam

    I can’t wait to make muffins in class. Yum Yum!!!!!!! 🙂

  37. Levi Atkinson

    Well for a first semester demo the muffins looked very scruptious. I can’t wait until we cook muffins in class so i can be the first to sample your wonderfully made blueberry muffins keep up the good work.

  38. cynthia igwebuike

    seems easy to make

  39. Raven Weaver

    i think this is a healthy snack when you’re on the go !

  40. Anna Lester

    I am forever greatful to the man or woman who invented the muffin!(:

  41. KatyBurger

    I never knew the reason muffins peaked was because of putting too much batter into the cup.

  42. Nicole Fasick

    I didin’t know that overmixing your batter would cause it to peak.

  43. Dacia King

    I learned that if you don’t put enough batter in the bowl thing then your muffin won’t come out as rounded as it should be.

  44. Alexis D. 1st

    I learned that making muffins from a box is way easier than making them from scratch and they can taste just as good!!

  45. Mandi Mills

    I learned that these muffins taste just as good as muffins made from scratch, but there a lot easier to make!

  46. Jessica Headen

    These muffins look great. I hope that we can make some this semester.

  47. Rachel Carvalho

    Didn’t know that if you put too much batter the muffins wouldn’t round right… I’ll make sure to remember that the next time I make them!

  48. Mandi Mills

    I learned that these muffins taste just as good as muffins made from scratch, but there a lot easier to make.!

  49. Brittany M. 1st block

    Don’t over mix or pour to much into pan or it wont be round as it should be.

  50. jonathan 1st

    muffins are better with blueberrys then chocalate chip

  51. caitlin coxwell

    muffins peak when they get overmixed.

  52. Kayla Daniels

    I love blueberry muffins there are my favorite!

  53. avery 1st

    i learned that box muffins taste the same as home made muffins.

  54. Jessica Turner

    I would rather make them from scatch. Im sure we would learn more and definatly have more fun!

  55. Megan 1st

    I didn’t know adding too much batter wasn’t good and it would make the muffins peak. Now I know.

  56. Ladd 1st period

    i didnt know muffins could be peaked

  57. Brett Baxley

    I’ll be sure to put the right amount of batter in.

  58. Heather (:

    I learned that muffins from a box can taste good too!!! (:

  59. Myah Edwards (:*

    The muffins look really good. I learned that if you put to much batter in for one muffin they wont come out as they should.

  60. cody griggs

    if you put more batter in one hole in the pan it will peak more than the others

  61. Lucinda H.

    Making muffins from a box are easy and simple. I like the idea of using this as a first lab.

  62. Kristin 1st

    I learned that if you over mix them, they get too big!

  63. Mariama Jallow

    Well don’t those muffins look appetizing at 9:35am! they look just as good as those made from scratch if you ask me! I never knew that overmixing could result in a peaked muffin! even though thats not the case in this instance. Well to me they look perfect and i’m sure they tasted great too.

  64. taryn h.

    the muffins still look peaked and they are not made from scatch .

  65. KhaMaria Jones

    How does overmixing the batter make a muffin peak?

  66. Sameena F. 1st period

    I did not know that overmixing the batter could cause muffins to peak. I didn’t even know peaking was a bad thing. 🙂

  67. Abigail Kremer

    These muffins really look really good and they don’t look dry at all.

  68. olivia

    I learned that you should be sure you have enough batter in the muffin pan so that the muffins come out as a round shape.

  69. Chase Ducharme

    I didn’t realize that overmixing the batter would make the muffins peak.

  70. Thomas Harris

    I leraned that if you use to much batter the muffins will peak

  71. nick finley

    umm the muffins look good and i want some

  72. alex head

    the muffins look really good kinda how my grandma makes them. but she puts white chocolate chips in them

  73. Kaytlyn 2nd

    I knew overmixing was possible but not for muffins. and i always thought the peak was good on muffins.

  74. Adam

    I can’t wait to start making things in class for you to taste and approve of! Oh yeah, and how come you didn’t make muffins for us? 😦

  75. Jenna Hanson

    These muffins look delicious and I really would like to eat one right now.


    muffins sound good right now they would really hit the spot 😛

  77. Savoi 2nd

    I cant wait to cook the muffins so I can learn my way around the kitchen!

  78. Denisse 2nd period

    Even though some of the muffins are a little pionted they still look just as yummy!!.

  79. Daniel Vinson 2nd

    These muffins look tasty, i cant wait to cook things like this in class

  80. alaina blackstock 2nd period

    i hope we get to make these, they look really good!

  81. Austin Whiteley

    i cant wait to cook those muffins and get to know the kitchen at the same time!

  82. slaten 2nd period

    i learned having too little batter will leave your muffins flat and unrounded.

  83. shiya hargrow

    the muffins look great it seems as if you had taken taken your time to make those muffins. i like the recipe, but im not a big fan of muffins they have a lot of calories.

  84. Elizabeth 2nd period

    what does peaked mean? and i did not know that you could overmix muffins, i thought that was good.

  85. Kelsey Reid 2nd.

    I learned that over mixing the batter the muffins for a peak.

  86. Jamal 2nd pd

    i didnt know over mixing would make the muffins peak

  87. Le'Keitha 2nd block

    The muffins look so tasty with all those blueberries. Is it possible to put too many blueberries in the muffins

  88. Mallori Mcdowell

    This picture is making me so hungry i wish i had one right now. (:

  89. jasmine mccoy

    them muffins look so good i wont to make some for tomorrow to eat an i ant know you could make the home made

  90. Kamron M

    I didn’t know adding too much batter would make the muffins peak.

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